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Island Walk : 

Island Walk 2009 - 2010

Weekly Schedule: : 

Weekly Schedule:

Homework Help : 

Homework Help From 4 -5pm Y1 students work on school work, have independent reading time, or play math and reading games online.

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Hussen winning a gift card from the reading raffle.

Reading Tutoring : 

Reading Tutoring Eight students, identified by DORA testing, were tutored three days a week in reading skills. Ms Chrissy, our reading tutor, reading her thank you card from the students Razan and Sara playing the reading candy land game.

Afternoon Snack : 

Afternoon Snack Snack is served from 3:30 – 4pm, right after school for Y1 and at 5:30 for Y2. Snack is provided by Kid’s cafe.

ReCharge!Nutrition Program : 

ReCharge!Nutrition Program ReCharge! Provides an opportunity for students to learn about and practice good nutrition and physical activity habits through fun, team based after-school strategies. To reach this goal, ReCharge! Focuses on four core concepts: “Energy In” (nutrition) “Energy Out” (physical activity) Teamwork Goal-setting

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Program Highlights: Bi-weekly Nutrition and Cooking Class Taught by Charleen Deasy and Marcia McDevitt Daily “Energy In” and “Energy Out” Tracking Sheets Jumping Jack Sports Field Trip Island Walk Olympics

Cooking Class : 

Cooking Class

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Tracking Sheets: eating healthy and exercising daily

Olympics : 

Olympics sack race flag tag

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Tug – of - war relay races

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Celebrating with snack and awards

College And Career Program : 

College And Career Program Program Description: CPDC at Island Walk has coordinated with South Lakes High School’s Career Center, The Pathways Program, Fairfax County Job Corner, and VAView.org to provide our high school students a complete guide to assist them on their mission to receive a college degree.

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Program Highlights: Weekly Career Exploration Activities SAT Preparation CPDC’s Complete Guide for College Preparation High School Checklist College and Career Night on January 28th Fairfax County Job Corner Job Fair Field Trip on April 17th Positive Summer Program

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High School Timeline Teens are tracking needed steps for post – graduation plans from 9th – 12th grade. Two pages from the College and Career binder.

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On the way to a summer job fair Celebrating participation in the college and career program. working on a career exploration packet

Passport to Knowledge : 

Passport to Knowledge Program Description: Y1 students sent their Flat Stanley’s to 12 different countries all over the world. They returned with pictures, stories, memorabilia, and interesting facts about each destination they visited. The students learned new things about the countries landscape, people, cultures, recipes and what life is like for children their age.

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Creating Stanley: students spent an afternoon creating their own personal Stanley to send around the world.

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Program Highlights: All of the knowledge the students gained throughout the Passport Program was culminated in the Passport Party at the end of our program year. Students designed the features of the party based on the countries that Flat Stanley visited. Party highlights included: Menu Music Games Design

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Passport Party Flags from around the world created by the students:

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Freeze Dance contest with music from around the world: Trying food from around the world:

Girl Scouts : 

Girl Scouts In Girls Scouts we have a time for the girls to have their own space in the community center, learn new skills, and have some fun! . The badges earned this year ranged from Girl Scouting in the USA, to fun and fit, to jewelry.

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On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

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Court of Awards

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“My favorite part of being a Girl Scout was when we made and painted sit-upons” ~ Douha “My favorite part of being a Girl Scout was when we played soccer” ~ Zubaida “My favorite part of being a Girl Scout was Making beads out of recycled paper” ~ Fatma “My favorite part of being a Girl Scout was Making Jewelry” ~ Sara “My favorite part of being a Girl Scout is when I help the Brownies” ~ Razan

Teen Volunteers : 

Teen Volunteers Four teenagers regularly volunteered during the Y1 time in the center: Aziza, Eman, Hadir, and Naimo. They provided homework help and aided during center activities.

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Island Walk 2009-2010

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