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2 PAGE Job application writing is often daunting and difficult. Not only do candidates need to find a job that suits their skills and qualifications they must also complete a myriad of forms through the application writing process including a resume and selection criteria. Employers are making a longer longer list of demands for skills and knowledge and it is virtually impossible to fulfil all that is required. Selection criteria designed to assist employers find the ‘perfect’ candidate through the job application writing process often discourage people from applying at all because they feel they just don’t meet the high standards asked of them. Job application writing

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3 PAGE So what is the best way to approach job application writing and in particular those dreaded selection criteria What strategies should the job application writer adopt to improve their chances Here are a few suggestions that may assist you in the process.

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4 PAGE 2. Research other people’s responses 1. Break down the selection criteria into parts job application writer 4. Use specific examples 3. Sell you skills in the right selection criteria

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5 PAGE As mentioned job application writing is tricky. It is not uncommon for selection criteria to be made up of a number of smaller components that must each be addressed in your response. Employers want to see that you understand the entire question and can pick out the important parts. Let’s look at an example: “Demonstrated high level of communication skills both oral and written and the ability to communicate effectively with a diverse range of people” Break Down the Selection Criteria into Parts

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6 PAGE What are the important things in this selection criteria Let’s break it down into smaller more manageable parts. § High level of communication skills § Oral communication skills § Written communication skills § Communicate with diverse range of people Now that you have some smaller points it’s a great idea to use dot points to get your thoughts into place. Place some dot points under each heading about how you can answer each part. Use the dot points to craft an answer that addresses all parts of the question. Job application writing is all about showing you understand what is being asked of you and that you can articulate this in a written response and the skilled job application writer will address these issues.

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7 PAGE If you are still feeling unsure about writing an answer to the selection criteria it pays to do a bit more investigating. Generic selection criteria such as those relating to communication team work and organisational skills are used by multiple organisations and are often tweaked slightly to become individualised to a particular company. Don’t be afraid to google the common answers to these selection criteria to see how others have addressed them. Look for the common mistakes and the common themes that make a successful response. What words are most commonly used in a job application writer’s responses and do these apply to you A word of caution it is important to never plagiarise any information found on the internet. While you can use this to assist in your answers copying and pasting responses can violate copywrite laws and cause you a whole lot of trouble Research other People’s Responses

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8 PAGE There is no doubt that every person has unique skills and abilities. That is why we have the job application writing process – to determine the best person for the job. So it is important for the job application writer to showcase your skills and abilities in the correct selection criteria. As mentioned above breaking down the selection criteria and creating dot points under each one will provide direction. Expand on this further and add the skills/abilities you think are relevant to each dot point. This will give you a good understanding on where to showcase your skills and abilities. Sell you Skills in the Right Selection Criteria

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9 PAGE Within any written job application an employer is looking for specific examples that can demonstrate or evidence what you are claiming to be able to do. For example when addressing a selection criteria on communication you could write: I have extensive communication skills both written and oral and understand the importance of communicating clearly. Use Specific Examples

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10 PAGE I have extensive communication skills both written and oral and understand the importance of communicating clearly. In my current position as XXXX I am required to prepare daily communications for staff sub-contractors and customers. I do this in both written from via emails and orally by telephone. I am also responsible for the development and distribution of a monthly newsletter that is send to clients and staff. Further to this I compile several monthly reports for senior management that are used to guide the future direction of the company. Or you could substantiate it with some examples

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11 PAGE It is very clear which answer an employer will lean towards. Adding in examples proves that you are capable and experienced and that you understand the expectations of the role. These simple tips will help you in your job application writing journey and improve your skills as a quality job application writer. Add in some perseverance and motivation and you never know where you may end up

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