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Red Tape Busters is one of the leading Grant Writing Company in Australia. We Have specialised grant writers assisting business and non-profit organisations all over Australia. We find relevant grants and government and philanthropic funding for individuals, non-profits and commercial enterprises. For more information, please visit -


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Grant Writing – Finding Grant Opportunities

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Grant Writing – Finding Grant Opportunities  There is an enormous pool of funding opportunities available for Not- for-profit and Community Organisations in Australia.  Knowing where to find them is the key. Red Tape Busters has an experienced and a very successful team of Grant Writers with the knowledge to seek out and find those grant writing opportunities for you and take away the stress of not knowing where to begin.

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Grant Writing – Finding Grant Opportunities  Grant Writing is just one of our specialities and our friendly team members are ready to assist you from finding the best suitable Grant opportunities for your Organisation meeting the significant criteria guidelines and completing and lodgement of your application prior to important deadlines.  These three things alone are very crucial in having a successful outcome for your Organisations funding prospects.

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Grant Writing – Finding Grant Opportunities  In order to find the most suitable opportunities accessible our Grant Writers are constantly reviewing and updating funding options in these areas as they become available.  Many programs open and close and new programs commence consequently making funding selections problematic and therefore the grant writing process very complex.

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Grant Writing – Finding Grant Opportunities Where to look There is a treasure trove of Grants and Funding Programs available and the internet is a vital tool in finding them. There are a variety of large databases that can be located online some of which incur a small fee to access. Some of the opportunities for grant writers in the non profit world can be found via the following:-  The Funding Centre Our Community Philanthropy Australia Queensland Government Grants Finder website and associated other State Government grants websites Local Councils Department of Communities Federal Government grants websites along with individual Departmental websites.

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Grant Writing – Finding Grant Opportunities  There are not as many options for Small Businesses but they are available if you search for them in the right places. Some of the opportunities can be found at: Business Queensland Small Business Loans Australia

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Grant Writing – Finding Grant Opportunities  Most Local and State Newspapers will also commonly advertise Open Grant opportunities typically on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  It is also important to begin Networking within your Community if you haven’t already it can prove very useful to seek advice feedback and support from the people you are trying to help sustain.  Open up communications with other similar Groups Clubs or Organisations in your Local area as well it is surprising what information and guidance you will receive from their past successes and/or failures and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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Grant Writing – Finding Grant Opportunities  In addition make contact with the relevant Ministers or Government Departments and give your Local State and Federal Members of Parliament a phone call and tell them what you are trying to achieve with your project you may be able to get Politicians to help lobby and actively support you with your proposal and successfully win funding.  Also ask to be included on their mailing lists to keep up to date with future opportunities.

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Grant Writing – Finding Grant Opportunities  As we have said many times – grant writing is not easy. It isn’t rocket science but it is also not a walk in the park.  The successful grant writer will be across all possible opportunities as a starting platform. Contact Red Tape Busters if you need any assistance in the grant writing sphere.  We are here to help. Contact us at Red Tape Busters - should you require specialist grant or tender writing experience to help your organisation or business win grant funding or achieve successes with tenders.

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Grant Writing – Finding Grant Opportunities We are specialists in providing the following services:-  Lobbying  Tender Writing  Grant Writing  Resumes/Job Applications  Organisational/Business Development.

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