Case Study Covermore 2016 - Audio Webcasting for shareholder updates

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When you’re tasked with delivering compulsory shareholder updates every six months, you want them to be more than just an email – you want engagement and interactivity. In this case study we look at how Jennie Pryor, Cover-More, used on-demand audio webcasting for a more collaborative online experience.


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CASE ST UDY Cover-More Group Redback Conferencing Level 11 301 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia REDBACK

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Audio Webcasting Case Study Name: Jennie Pryor Organisaton: Cover-More Group Positon: EA to Group CFO Industry: Insurance The Challenge: Finding an engaging and interactve way to deliver shareholder updates The Soluton: Redback Audio Webcastng The Case When you’re tasked with delivering complusory shareholder updates every six months you want them to be engaging. You want to allow for interactvity and offer something more than just an email. Jennie Pryor explains how she used audio on-demand webcastng to provide her audience with a collaboratve online experience - it can be done. Cover-More Group is an Australian ASX listed company that has been providing travel insurance and medical assistance to Australians for more than 30 years. Currently Cover-More has 40 of the market in Australia and in 2015 they provided travel insurance to more than 2.2 million people worldwide. As a listed company Cover-More is required to report every six months but did not want to only employ email to connect with their shareholders. They wanted a medium that could offer immediacy interactvity and much stronger engagement. Executve Assistant Jennie Pryor explained: “we needed to engage our audience but we also needed it to be easy. “Webcasing was a cost effectve professional medium that allowed us to communicate online and then host our content on-demand for as long as we needed to.” The Situaton Afer speaking with the Redback team Jennie hosted her first online shareholder announcement. The soluton An on-demand audio webcast combined with a live QA Session. “The event was incredibly easy to plan and because the webcast was audio only I could navigate the slides while our presenters were speaking” said Jennie. “Redback then managed the flow of calls for the QA that followed the presentaton.” The webcast was then hosted on-demand on the Cover-More website which allowed anyone to watch it in their own tme. The Soluton So far the audio webcasts have been a great success. They have helped to bridge a gap allowing shareholders to listen to the updates both live and on-demand with the ability to partake in live QA sessions. Hostng the webcast on-demand also allows the informaton to be easily accessible for the public creatng longer lastng content and a beter way for shareholders to access vital informaton. For those considering making a shif to the online world Jennie understands that while it can sometmes be dauntng there’s always help out there. “When you have 300 people countng on you and every detail maters you definitely want everything to be perfect. That’s why it helps when you’re working with incredibly relaxed yet professional people that you can rely on” she says. “Redback made it easy and it meant that I didn’t have to worry about the litle things - once they became involved the process became painless.” The Result... Click here to start Webcasting today or call 1800 733 416

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