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This handbook contains all the information required to take your presentation skills to the next level and a deliver seamless, hassle free webinar!


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1 This handbook contains all the information required to take your presentation skills to the next level and a deliver seamless hassle free webinar

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You know what they say… seeing is believing The Redback platform gives you the ability to activate a live webcam and is a great way for your audience to put a face to the name. While this is an optional feature we recommend you take advantage of it to build engagement with your participants. 2 Well hello Here at Redback we don’t like to take chances Throughout your webinar you will be speaking into the good ol’ telephone to ensure reliability and crystal clear sound quality for all involved. Your voice will then be transmitted over the internet allowing your audience to listen to you either via a VoIP solution through their computer speakers or through the telephone. This is also known as a hybrid solution and works a treat Here’s a first… our online meeting software is flash based meaning no additional installation or downloads are required Please ensure you have the latest version of flash 11 or higher installed on your computer - click here to double check or here to download. For maximum performance make sure you present from a location with stable internet connection wireless is not recommended for obvious reasons. It’s also good idea to check that you are working off a current web browser. Internet Explorer 6.0 or above Firefox 1.0 or above and Safari 1.0 or above will be perfect. Once your PowerPoint presentation is completed it will be uploaded into your webinar room. This room is highly secure and serves as an online space for all the files needed to conduct your webinar. Throughout your presentation you will be able to decide the following:  How to advance the slides: either with the use of your mouse or keyboard  What annotation tools you will use: you have a wide range available  Whether to use thumbnail images to see what’s coming up next All PowerPoint files are uploaded as Shock Wave Files so feel free to use as many animations as you like

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4 You’re sitting in front of your computer and you’re wondering where to start... Don’t stress here are some quick tips to help you create a presentation that will get results  Your first and last slide – pay particular attention to these. Your first slide should introduce you the presentation and include details of when the webinar will begin while your closing slide should include a call to action – what are the next steps Do you want people to complete an exit survey or perhaps register for an upcoming webinar The choice is totally yours  Get attention - your slides should utilise space and be attractive. Try not to overcrowd it with information you’re going to say anyway.  Choose images that serve a purpose – use graphics that best emphasise your key points and consider using tables or charts.  Select a theme – consistency is the key here. Try and stick to the same colours layouts and fonts. It’s a great idea to choose a colour scheme that represents your company  Don’t be shy – include a photo of yourself in your opening slide to create a relationship with your audience and smile Remember… keep your slides consistent professional and clear. For more tips on using PowerPoint click here to check out our webinar – Pretty Cool Presentations Less is more If you want to use a strong colour make the rest subtle Enlarge your text No harsh colour combinations Too much text is not needed as you are talking Try not to overcomplicate it Examples of good presentations… Examples of not so good presentations…

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+ 5 It’s no secret that video is a powerful media tool especially when it comes to engaging a webinar audience. The Redback platform gives you the ability to share videos from directly within the interface – here are the options available to you… Stream straight from YouTube Do you have a YouTube Channel Or perhaps you would just like to share a video that is placed on YouTube Our Movie Player gives you the ability to stream live from the site You can either enter a search term to find the video you’re looking for on-demand or paste the URL of the video that you wish to share… how cool is that Upload and Play You also have the option of uploading a video and playing it from directly within the Movie Player. If you choose this option please ensure that you send us the video file/s at least 48 hours before your webinar begins. Accepted formats are as follows: .avi .flv .mov .mp4 .mpg and .wmv While we’re on the topic… why not check out our latest video

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+ If there’s one thing we all want during our webinars it’s to keep people online Polling has become a popular way to interact and engage with participants keeping them active and focused throughout. QA sessions are also a great way to take your webinar to the next level and enhance the overall experience for all involved Think about how and when you will introduce these sessions and ways to increase the ‘chatting’ between participants. We also recommend a back-up plan – what if you get no questions Consider creating a few canned questions that are relevant to your presentation Here are a few tips on how you can incorporate polling into your next webinar and mix it up a bit… The “ice breaker”… Get your webinar off to a flying start with an ice breaker. It will automatically relax your attendees and get them familiar with the technology win-win Think about starting your webinar with a question such as ‘what is the weather like where you are today’ You’ll 6 be pleasantly surprised by the interaction these questions can create The “have you been listening” It’s virtually impossible to track what your attendees are doing while viewing your webinar - are they checking emails Are they even listening It’s a good idea to kick off polling questions around every 15 minutes or so this way if your participants respond you know they are paying attention The “how did I go” Feedback is invaluable and for first time webinar presenters it’s crucial It’s important to gain feedback from your audience while it’s still fresh in their minds so why not survey your audience with a brief poll such as ‘rate this webinar from 1-5’ or ‘what would you like to see in my next webinar’ You are then able to download the results and use the information when preparing for webinar 2 The “Who’s Who”… As a presenter you want to get to know your audience to help tailor your message and keep your content relevant. It’s always nice to know who you are talking to Consider asking questions like ‘which best describes your role in your organisation’ or ‘is this your first webinar’

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We’ve done it all before and we’ll do it all again Here are some frequently asked questions that we get asked… well frequently Do you have a recommended format for my webinar presentation Why yes of course We highly recommend building a solid structure before creating your content. A common structure includes the following:  Introduction – This sets the scene for your webinar and should be 5-10 minutes in length.  Body - This is the bulk of your webinar and for a 60 minute webinar should be approximately 30-40 minutes long. Now as Elvis says “a little more action” remember to consider QA sessions and polls  Conclusion - This should include a wrap up a call to action or more information … keep it short and sweet I’ve never been on a webcam before what do I need to know The first thing to do is to relax Your webcam image will be quite small on the computer screen so you have nothing to worry about Think about the placement of your webcam - there’s nothing worse than the webcam being on an angle and cutting off your face or participants not able to see you due to a lack of lighting. To avoid this try and position yourself in front of a window. Also keep your clothing simple and smart it’s not really the time or place to break out the Hawaiian shirt... Can my audience talk to me Imagine trying to conduct your webinar with up to 250 people talking in the background… not a good idea is it Webinars are predominantly one way methods of communication meaning all participant lines are muted throughout. This results in less distractions and interruptions for you and others involved. But never fear… participants can always communicate with you through the use of the text chat function. Wait… something has come up I won’t be in town on the date of my webinar – HELP The beauty of webinars is that they can be presented from anywhere at anytime all you need is a telephone computer and stable internet connection We’ll run thorough testing with you beforehand to make sure everything goes off without a hitch It’s my first time I am so nervous please help With Redback’s Managed Webinars you will always have your very own Online Event Manager Me by your side every step of the way. Leave the hard work up to us and focus on your time in the spotlight 7

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8 Look into the webcam Imagine sitting in a meeting where the host is talking to you while staring at their notes… Not a good feeling is it We understand that you will have a specific structure to your presentation but try your best to look through your webcam so your participants feel involved and invited Did you know that fashion is important When presenting via a webcam stay away from stripes Funnily enough it can cause the camera to have a fuzzy effect which could potentially leave your viewers squinting. Smile While talking to a computer may seem as though you are detached from your audience you need to be constantly aware that they are watching - so why not smile It’s very easy plus it will make your presentation that much more inviting and engaging. Redback Events Contact us at anytime 1300 733 416

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Redbacktalk – View all of our Blog articles by clicking here. Now including new video animated tips and tricks by SaraAndAiza Click on the below videos to watch. Presenting Perfectly – This handbook contains all the information required to take your presentation skills to the next level and deliver a seamless hassle free webinar Click here to download 9 P: 1800 733 416 E: W:

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