How to Improve Your Recruitment Process

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Presentation Description | Businesses can improve their recruitment process several ways. Proper training of interviewers, competency tests, interdepartmental communication, and applicant management software can all help companies get better results from their recruitment efforts, as can taking the time to review current strategy and identify room for improvement.


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Every business is only as good as the people who work for it. Without the right people in the right positions, a business can't realize its full potential. As such, businesses need to have a recruitment process that attracts and hires the right applicants.  


There are many ways a recruitment process can go wrong. Maybe your recruiters aren't asking the right questions, or maybe the interview process isn't efficient enough to fill positions as quickly as needed. Whatever the bumps are in your recruitment approach, these strategies should help you refine and perfect your process for hiring the perfect talent for your business.


The first thing a good recruitment strategy needs is the right team to handle the hiring process. Whether you have a whole department that oversees recruiting or just one HR staff member who handles everything, it's important that they are trained to properly handle the responsibility. Have recruiters practice their interviewing, help them refine their questions, and train them to know what to look for when interviewing potential employees.


In order for a company to hire the right people to fill its open positions, everyone involved needs to have the same vision for what the position requires. Don't just leave hiring managers on their own to figure out what a position needs; have the department managers give their input, as well. Asking other employees what they think the position needs can also give you good insight into what to look for in new hires.


While it's good to trust the people you're looking to hire, trust should only go so far. If a position requires certain skills (foreign language fluency, math skills, public speaking, etc.), have applicants take relevant exams for competency. These tests will help recruiters confirm that potential hires have the required skills better than simply asking them at will.  


Using an applicant tracking system to keep track of applicant information, schedule interviews, and simplify the hiring process will help make recruitment a more efficient process. Applicant management software can automate much of the application and interviewing process, allowing recruiters to handle more applicants in less time. This way, new employees can be hired and processed faster than before.


Job listings and interviews aren't just for collecting information for the company. They should also inform applicants of everything they need to know about the position, its responsibilities, and exactly what is expected of them. Applicants who know what they are agreeing to are more likely to be happy in a position, and less likely to quickly depart.


No matter how well thought-out a recruitment process is, there will always be room to grow and change. Take the time to review your recruitment strategy, identify any weaknesses or needs that aren't being met, and ways that the application process can be streamlined. Once the ways the process can be improved have been identified, they can be changed and updated to better meet the company's needs.


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