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Harmony Program for Rebel Holiday

Finally…Online for You :

Finally… Online for You Harmonies Analysis was only available “in-person” basis with an expert Analyst & Harmonies Designer. Now, your Harmonies Analysis is easy, affordable & online! You can discover your Harmonies anywhere in the world.

Harmony Program:

Harmony Program

4 Part Harmony Program:

4 Part Harmony Program After Your Harmony Kit ™ is delivered to your Harmony Page at DesigningYourSelf.com. Your Analysis Harmony Kit & Profile ™ Your Harmony Tools ™ Harmony Course

Purpose of Your Harmony Kit™ :

Purpose of Your Harmony Kit ™ Your Harmony Kit™ helps you to: Apply the basics of Harmony in your look Use your color spectrum Apply color & style principles Deal with the clothes in your closet now Maximize your current clothing Develop wardrobe & shopping strategies Build your confidence, & more….

Details on Your Harmonies™ :

Details on Your Harmonies ™ Your Look & Style details… Lines Shapes Colors Scale & Size Textures Designs & Prints Overall styles & looks to wear What to avoid (saves you a lot)

Your Harmony Tools:

Your Harmony Tools Special Tools free with Your Harmony Kit ™ #1: Your Clothing Style Guide with drawings & picture links. #2: Your Harmonies Color Spectrum of 100+ colors. #3: Shopping Guide to fast, efficient & satisfying purchases.

Courses & Classes :

Courses & Classes

Your Classes Get You Started:

Your Classes Get You Started Use Harmony in 3 ways: 1. Visual Aspects: Your best colors, lines, & designs. 2. Practical Aspects: Wardrobe, shopping, closet, & more. 3. Inner Aspects: Self-awareness, confidence, & self-esteem.

What Can I Learn?:

What Can I Learn? Learn what YOU want to know next… Your Consultations & Harmony Kit give you personal guidance. Learn more about looking your best in 12 content areas.

Classes on Harmony :

Classes on Harmony Colors - applies to everything – clothing, accessories and makeup! Lines - necklines, hemlines, lengths of jackets & skirts, stripes, trim. Shapes - lapels, collars, pockets, prints, handbags, hats, shoes, jewelry. Scale - size of jewelry, handbags, lapels, hats, shoes, glasses, prints, etc. Textures - types of fabrics & surfaces, look of texture in patterns. Designs - prints, motifs, & concepts. Overall Styles - styles & looks to wear (& avoid) in clothing. Overall Accessories - styles & looks to wear (& avoid) in accessories. Make-up - looks to wear (& avoid) in makeup. Hairstyles - styles & looks to wear (& avoid).

Classes Are Fun & Powerful:

Classes Are Fun & Powerful Take Classes as many times as you want. Video classes available, too. Use this information for your wardrobe & look. There’s a learning curve….we’ll teach you! Get the look you want with online classes.

Harmony Kit Summary:

Harmony Kit Summary Part 1 - Your Photo Analysis & Harmonies. An expert evaluation of your face & percentages of your Harmonies™. Part 2 – Your Harmony Kit – You’ll Receive These Info & Tools Your Harmony Profile – Your Harmonies™ & what it means. Your Lines & Designs - Your lines, shapes, scale, textures & patterns. Essence & Energy – Your natural expression (almost like personality!) Your Accessories – Accessories you wear best. Part 3 – Your Harmony Tools Color Analysis & Spectrum of Best Colors, Neutrals, & Whites Clothing Style Guide – Examples of clothing for your Harmonies™. Shopping Guide – Your convenient, purse-size booklet to take shopping. Part 4 - Harmony Course – You get 4 Easy Classes FREE Quick Start Class & Harmony Workbook

Choosing Your Photos :

Choosing Your Photos After you order your Harmonies ™ Analysis , Enter simple info online in 3-4 minutes. Then upload 1 to 6 color photos of your face. Choose face photos of you (alone) looking at the camera. (Face on) Looking like you look – Natural is fine – avoid hats, glasses, etc. Your Harmonies Analysis - Your combination of coloring & facial features determine your Harmonies™ & your exact percentages. ______% Dominant Harmony ______% Secondary Harmony

Design Your Best Look:

Design Your Best Look Designing Your Self has worked for thousands of women. It starts with you & the look you are born with: Your “ Harmonies ™. I show you how to use real principles & theories to enhance YourSelf. And to finally appreciate what nature gave you. You will be amazed at how good you can look and feel. You’ll have the ability to become the “you” that you’ve wanted to be. Be Beautiful, Rebel Holiday

PowerPoint Presentation:

Begin with Your Harmony Kit ™ Want to see your special price? Click on the link below or go to: www.HarmonyKitSpecial .com Begin now. Look great. Save money. It’s easy to start….