Accessories, Hair, and MakeUp

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Your Accessories, Hair & Make-Up :

Your Accessories, Hair & Make-Up Rebel Holiday

Learn About Accessories:

Learn About Accessories Choose & Wear the Right Accessories for you (The wrong ones can ruin your entire look.) Learn Your Best: Lines Shapes Scale Texture Color Style Expression

Learn About Your Hats:

Learn About Your Hats If You Want to Wear Hats get one that works. Your hats have: Lines Shapes Scale Texture Color Style Expression Level of Dressiness

You’ll Learn About Jewelry…:

You’ll Learn About Jewelry… You need to know…looks, lines, styles, types, scale, sizes, colors, & more.

You’ll Learn About Shoes, Boots & Purses:

You’ll Learn About Shoes, Boots & Purses Selecting Your Shoes, Belts & Bags These critical finishing touches make or break your look. How To Choose: Which shoes go with what outfit Colors of shoes Sandals, shoes, boots, etc. Stockings & pantyhose

Apply Harmony to Your Make-Up:

Apply Harmony to Your Make-Up Create harmony with your coloring & structure. Consider your clothing, the occasion, & personal style. Make-up Color Tips Make-up Looks Make-up Techniques Natural Looks for Day Alluring Evening Looks Create Your Ideal Make-Up Looks Enhance & complement your outfits -- elegant, dramatic, understated, neutral or natural.

Harmonies Hairstyle & Color Secrets:

Harmonies Hairstyle & Color Secrets Know what you really want and need with your hair. Hair Styles & Looks Hair Lines & Shapes Hair Lengths How Curly & Straight Hair Color Do’s & Don’ts Learn about all your best hair styles and looks.

Courses & Consultations on Many Topics :

Courses & Consultations on Many Topics Learn at your own speed Choose your Courses Individual consultations Apply it immediately Special Member Prices Many Benefits