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How can Pinterest be beneficial for your business?


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By rebekah williams How Can Benefit Your Business? Image from http :// business.pinterest.com /en/brand-guidelines

Presentation Outline:

Presentation Outline What is Pinterest, and how does it work? Background information about Pinterest How can Pinterest affect your business? Getting the most out of Pinterest Image from http :// www.thenorthblog.com / wp -content/uploads/2013/10/Pinterest- logo.png

What is Pinterest?:

What is Pinterest? A digital bulletin board Personal accounts that save all pictures Ability to follow friends “Pin” pictures you find online or see that you have an interest in Image from http :// socialmediatoday.com / ubersocialmedia /1298861/ pinterest -understanding-business-benefits

History of Pinterest:

History of Pinterest December 2009 Development of Pinterest begins March 2010 Site launched as closed beta March 2011 Launch of Pinterest iPhone application August 2011 Time names Pinterest “50 Best Websites of 2011” December 2011 Pinterest became 1 of top 10 largest social network services January 2012 Pinterest reaches 11.7 millions unique users August 2012 Pinterest opens to the public October 2012 Pinterest launches business accounts March 2013 Pinterest announces new web analytics tool

How can Pinterest be beneficial for your business?:

How can Pinterest be beneficial for your business? Learn about your competition Learn about your customers Potential for traffic generation Building a portfolio Stay up to date on trends Create a secret resource library For inspiration Web Analytics

Learn about competition and customers:

Learn about competition and customers Competitors: Learn who they’re following Learn about followers Image from http :// www.goseewrite.com /2012/10/ pinterest -numbers-major-flaws/# Customers: Look at followers boards

Traffic generation:

Traffic generation Image from http :// www.pinterest.com / mooreaseal /paper-goods/ Attach a link to each of your images you pin Traffic will be generated


Portfolio Image from http :// www.pinterest.com /search/boards/?q=work%20portfolio Visual representatives Easily reference back to

Updated on trends:

Updated on trends Image from http ://www.pinterest.com/search/boards/?q=2014%20wedding% 20trends, http:// www.pinterest.com /search/boards/?q=2014%20fashion%20trends Search Pinterest to find the latest trends in your industry

Secret resource library:

Secret resource library Image from http :// blog.pinterest.com /post/35270081794/announcing-secret-boards-for-the-holidays Create a secret pin board Public isn’t able to see or access Reference back information for future ideas and projects


Inspiration Image from http :// www.commandn.tv / pinterest -apps/ Pinterest is great for inspiration for new images, logos, content, and much more Search key words to find inspiration

Web analytics:

Web analytics This tool helps you get information on How many people that have pinned from your site How many people that have seen these pins How many people that have visited your business’s site from Pinterest A selection of your most repinned , most clicked, and most recent pins Image from http :// blog.pinterest.com /post/45179268152/introducing- pinterest -web-analytics

Helpful Tips:

Helpful Tips Make sure you write an interesting profile, make it informative, and give it some personality Create a board to show your latest, best selling products Add your business’s main website address and be sure to follow the Pinterest verification process Once you upload an image, edit your pin to include a link back to the related content on your website Comment on, like, share, and follow other relevant boards

Any questions?:

Any questions? Email [email protected]


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