Lab Created Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds


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The following presentation focuses on making accurate comparisons between naturally mined diamonds and artificial or CVD diamonds which have been manufactured and are not naturally occurring.


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Lab-Created Diamonds v/s Natural Diamonds:

Lab-Created Diamonds v/s Natural Diamonds


Clarity The clarity of lab grown diamonds is a lot better than that of natural diamonds. While the earth mined diamonds come with certain particles in the crystal, the synthetic diamonds are so beautiful, you’d want to wear them forever.


Colors Lab-grown diamonds are typically found in white, yellow, blue, pink and green colors , while organic diamonds occur in every imaginable color with an enticing range of hues, tonality and saturation levels. As we all know – color comes from impurities trapped in the diamond lattice as it grows.

Production Time:

Production Time When you buy CVD diamond , you’d know better about how their production take less time than that of natural diamonds. The amount of time taken to produce a gem is equal to the amount of impurities it would contain.

Manufacturing Condition:

Manufacturing Condition As we all know – natural diamonds are produced in uncontrolled conditions deep under the earth. This process is known to harm the environment on a large scale. On the other hand, lab created diamonds are crafted by man in a laboratory under absolute controlled conditions.


Price A synthetic gem is a unique lab grown diamond that cost 15% less than a natural diamond, thanks to the controlled environment in which it is produced. Since its production does not take a lot of time and causes no harm to nature, these diamonds are cheaper, yet better.

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