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Detectives Hyderabad, private detectives Hyderabad : A comprehensive range of detective and investigation services:

Detectives Hyderabad, private detectives Hyderabad : A comprehensive range of detective and investigation services

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Real Eye Detectives and Investigation Agency is destined to provide its customers with peace of mind amidst their personal, professional, organizational and legal problems in totally secured environment. As a prominent detective service agency in Hyderabad / detective agency in Hyderabad / India, our team of detectives provides services for verification, tracking, tracing, fact finding, undercover operation, surveillance, litigation support. Our primary focus is to leave a mark in the minds of the customers and provide them much needed peace of mind and emphasize on aspects like CONFIDENTIALITY, RELIABILITY, LEGALITY and AFFORDABILITY. .

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Services : As the secret investigator in india / Hyderabad, Real Eye provides comprehensive range of detective services and investigation services for personal, corporate and legal purposes.

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Personal Services : Our team of detectives helps in matrimonial verifications, uncovering extramarital affairs, tracking alimony cases and finding out hidden motives behind kidnapping and missing cases Special Services : We are specialized in providing advanced services for fingerprint and handwriting verifications. We also help you in collecting the evidence in the form of photos, audio and video

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Corporate Services : We help corporate organizations in verifying their employees information, unearthing frauds and cheatings, conduct undercover operations, probe into patent, trademark, copyright infringements and so on. Legal Services: In courts of law, evidence play crucial role. Our team provides you need adequate support in preparing litigation reports, documentation and case filings to prove you point of argument / claim

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Spy Software: Today , with the advent of technology, there are many avenues for fraud and cheating. To keep a tab on activities at your home as well as office environments, we bring you an array of advanced surveillance products. Spy Cameras: To take your security and surveillance efforts to next level, we support individual, groups, institutions, organizations to install advanced spy software solutions for online, mobile, offline devices and information sources.

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