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Hire React Native Developers - We are globally recognized as one of the top-notch react native app developers. We are using the incredible rapidly growing cross-platform app framework, we bring your application on Android as well as iOS both simultaneously.


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How to Hire React Native Developer React Native is a JavaScript framework built for cross-platform mobile app development. In today’s blog we are going to discuss how to hire a react native developer Although hiring a react native developer is not that easy as you need to check the skill sets and make sure that they fulfill your requirements. The must-have skills for React Native Developer To hire dedicated react native developer you should be able to identify whether they possess the required skills both professional interpersonal. 1.React Native developer hard skills Now there is a difference between the experts react native developers and the one who is still learning the language. There are a couple of skills that every candidate should master for being a react native developer. 2.Excellent knowledge of JavaScript

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JavaScript is an essential part of cross-platform mobile app development. The candidate must know how to build components How to structure the app logic and service and understand their flow. 3.Knowledge of basic React assumptions The candidate must be familiar with the concept of JSX Virtual DOM component lifecycle so checking the applicant’s understanding of these terms is a must. 4.Experience with Android and iOS development The potential candidate should know the difference between Android iOS development. Also being familiar with objective-C Swift in order to make the application work on different devices is essential. 5.Familiarity with useful tech tools It will be an add-on if the candidate is familiar with at least some extra tools like Redux and Enzyme so on. 6.Writing clear code

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The programming skills are a must because the apps developed by your team should have a consistent and readable source code. Now the major part is what questions to ask during the interview For hire dedicated react native developer you need to ask the relevant question here will talk about what you can ask your potential hires to check their hard and soft skills Hard skills interview questions  Can you explain in simple words what React Native is  Can you name the key benefits of using react native for mobile app development  Tell in detail about virtual DOM.  Differentiate between native apps and hybrid apps.  What happens when you call “setState”  Differentiate between State props.  What is the work of Redux Flux and JSX

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Soft skills interview questions  Share your professional strengths weaknesses.  Which is the most interesting react native app project you have been a part of  How did you deal with the mistakes you have been done in your professional work  What are your thoughts about the feedback if your ideas are got rejected by management  Why we should hire you Wrapping-up: Above are the things you need to know in terms of bringing more people to your project. Looking to hire a react native developer on your own then contact us. Hire react native developers will provide you with the necessary technical talents.