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Bradley Productions proudly presents:

Bradley Productions proudly presents

Courtney’s Clique:

Meet the Bridesmaids Courtney’s Clique

Here’s the lineup…:

Here ’ s the lineup…

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Tara Jenkins Maid of Honor Sister of the bride Model by day stud volleyball player by night. …. But seriously Can out-sass her sister.

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Bridesmaid Has known the bride since 2 nd grade. Probably will be the only Baylor bear at the wedding. Gave herself a buzz cut in 2 nd grade. Rebecca Bradley

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Amanda Nash Bridesmaid Fellow Aggie Honorary daughter of the Holubs after rooming with both bride and groom. Resides in Austin but is currently in the midst of leading a revolt against the University of Texas.

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Bridesmaid Fellow Aggie Still waiting on her acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Is considering naming her soon-to-be first born child Katniss , KitKat or Meow. Melanie Forness

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Ashley Boosa Bridesmaid Cousin of the bride Is NOT an aggie (Went to SFA). Is expected to play Angelina’s role in Tomb Raider’s next sequel. Occupation: Professional alligator launcher. See Bride for details .

No alligators were harmed in the process.:

No alligators were harmed in the process. Filmed and directed by Rebecca Bradley

Courtney, We’ve walked through life, We’ve stood together :

Courtney, We’ve walked through life, We’ve stood together We’re so thankful to stand and watch as you walk down the aisle to your forever.

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Chase and Courtney 7-18-14

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