Things to Consider While Looking For Kitchen Design Consultants

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slide 1: RBnH Solutions | Dubai U.A.E. | +971 55 529 1034 | Things to Consider While Looking For Kitchen Design Consultants When planning a commercial kitchen it is imperative to do your homework first and check out the necessary parameters that can help you get the best kitchen design and layout. If you do not have enough idea it is better to rope in the services of a Kitchen Design Consultant and seek his help. He can help you in the following ways. Consider the List of Foods to be Prepared in the Kitchen The Kitchen Design Consultant will first consider the list of food items that will be prepared in the kitchen. This will give him an idea about the seamless flow of food into the restaurant. The layout of the kitchen will consider areas like preparation area cooking area storage area ingredients area finishing area plating area and more so that the entire process goes on systematically without any interruption. Consider the Preparation Area for an Efficient Layout The Restaurant Kitchen Layout and Design consultant will also consider the food preparation area and the variety of cooking equipment and machines that will be installed. To ensure a well-run operation it is imperative to factor in essential appliances. They will have to consider storage cleaning and washing cooking preparation of food and foodservice areas. This will help them to come up with a proper kitchen layout. Considering Diverse Kitchen Layouts Restaurant kitchen layouts are chosen as per the availability of space and range of operations. It is imperative to finalize kitchen layout before construction work begins. It is imperative to note that there is no one size fit all designs. The kitchen layout chosen must be such that it is tailor- made as per specific operations. Once you identify your requirements it is not tough to find the perfect match. The popular kitchen layouts available are- • Island Style Layout • Zone Style Layout • Assembly Line Layout and more Ensure Space Efficiency Finally the restaurant kitchen layout consultant also needs to consider optimal space efficiency. If the design chosen is flawed it can hamper the overall work efficiency of the staff. Thus hiring the services of a reputed and knowledgeable kitchen layout consultant help to save money in the long run.

slide 2: RBnH Solutions | Dubai U.A.E. | +971 55 529 1034 | About the author RBnH Solutions is an experienced food and beverage consultancy firm in Dubai. We have international exposure to some of the most exquisite hotel companies and FB brands in the world. We guide you on your hospitality journey every step of the way. From concept development to operational audit we can fulfill any requirement within the food and beverage domain.