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10 Tips to Sell Homes in India :

10 Tips to Sell Homes in India

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Real estate is considered an unpredictable enterprise, as buying or selling property in India has an equal probability of profit and loss. Real estate in India is undergoing a dynamic change, with a number of small and large scale dealings every day. Due to increasing prices, investment is sure to return high profits eventually. Buying low and selling at a saturation point is the best way to earn a large profit. Here are a few more property selling tips: Property Evaluation   This is an important aspect to consider while selling a property in the Indian real estate, as it determines the worth of the property. Doing this is profitable for both the seller and buyer. Property evaluation can be done by oneself or can be done with the help of a professional. For Ref: http://www.freeblogging.in/tips-to-sell-homes-in-india.html

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2 . Relevant Documents   The list of documents include clear title, taxation, mortgage papers if any, bills and receipts, bank certificate of purchase price and RBI Form IPI (declares the immovable property). 3. Prospective Buyer   Finding a prospective buyer to sell property in India is a very important step. One can advertise the property details on newspapers or online portals. Another way to sell a property is to find a professional broker and find the potential buyer. The citizens of certain countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Nepal, China and Bhutan are debarred from owning houses in India except if they had gotten permission from the RBI. And , in the case of a PIO (Person of Indian Origin), he/she may sell their property only to a resident of India. For Ref: http://www.freeblogging.in/tips-to-sell-homes-in-india.html

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4. Prepare Property for Sale   The property should be checked for any repairs like plumbing works (water leakage, seeping), maintenance of cracked walls, electrical works, etc. and get them fixed . 5. Selling price   The Government of India usually publishes an annual figure for cost escalation, which is called the  Cost Inflation Index  ( CII ). If a property is sold within 36 months of its purchase, then the gains attained from it are termed as short-term gains and are usually taxed . 6. Market Trends   It is always advisable to sell a property when the timing is right and when one can gain good returns. A good deal is one where one considers the costs incurred during the time one withheld the property and access the money’s worth before asserting the selling price for the same. For Ref: http://www.freeblogging.in/tips-to-sell-homes-in-india.html

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7 . Pricing   One needs to be smart and decide on the pricing based on the present environment, utility of the property in the near future and many other facilities like the infrastructure, civic amenities and the location of the property . 8. No Objection Certificate   The next important step is to correspond with the society or the governing body of the building and inform them about the decision of sale of the property and the buyer. Apart from this, one of the most important things to obtain is the ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) from the governing body before selling the property . 9. Legal Documents/Registration   The property should be registered in the name of the buyer at the sub-register’s office, which comes under the provisions of the Indian Registration Act. For Ref: http://www.freeblogging.in/tips-to-sell-homes-in-india.html

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10.  Apart from these, it is always important to optimise the price of the property. Intimidating the buyer by demanding a high price is not advisable . These are some of the significant tips for selling a property in India. However, the prevailing market condition will decide the exact profits for any real estate deal. For Ref: http://www.freeblogging.in/tips-to-sell-homes-in-india.html

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