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By Second Graders At Makassed Khalil Shehab School MY FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT

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Beirut Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon.

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The cedar tree presents the emblem of Lebanon and is found on the national flag. The Cedars

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“City of the Sun” Lebanon's greatest Roman treasure. Baalbak

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Jeita Grotto Jeita Grotto is the jewel of tourism in Lebanon .

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Tripoli has 45 buildings registered as historical sites, many of them date from the 14th century. Tripoli

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Byblos is one of the eastern Mediterranean cities that claim to have been continuously inhabited longer than any other city in the world. Byblos

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The bride of the Bekaa Valley Zahle

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Telefrique Enjoy a ride in the cable cars which take passengers up the mountain.

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Moussa Castle There is only one Description: "A dream becomes true.”

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Beiteddine, “House of Faith”, is Lebanon’s greatest treasure. Beiteddine

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Phoenician Tyre was queen of the seas, an island city of unprecedented splendor. Tyre

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The Hermel Pyramid, 27 meters high, can be seen for miles in every direction. Hermel

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Sidon is known as the city of gardens. Sidon Sea Castle was built by the Crusaders in 1228 A.D. on a small island. Sidon

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Barouk The village is known for being the "land of good", because of its fountain.

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The snowy peaks of mount Lebanon. It’s a place of excitement when it comes to ski pleasures. Faraya

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Deir Al-Qamar is unique in Lebanon, a town restored and maintained in a style many centuries. Deir Al- Qamar

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