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Do you want to know more about details of ravi gaikwad rto who is the government officer in the Mumbai. Ravi gaikwad RTO is the best government officer in India with got many gold awards. For more details visit us:


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Ravi Gaikwad RTO:

Ravi Gaikwad RTO RTO Officer

About Ravi Gaikwad RTO:

About Ravi Gaikwad RTO Ravi Gaikwad is an government officer, the chief of RTO Mumbai. Ravi G aikwad RTO is the chairman of the Handball Federation of India.

Early Life of Ravi Gaikwad RTO:

Early Life of Ravi Gaikwad RTO Ravi Gaikwad RTO belongs from Solapur district of Maharashtra and has the royal Maratha family. Ravi Gaikwad RTO family is very educated.

Ravi Gaikwad RTO Education:

Ravi Gaikwad RTO Education Ravi Gaikwad RTO had earned several awards during school, college days. Ravi Gaikwad RTO is a gold medalist in Engineering and has won two gold medals. 

Ravi Gaikwad RTO Sports:

Ravi Gaikwad RTO Sports Ravi Gaikwad is highly celebrated in the game of cricket.  Ravi G aikwad RTO was selected for Ranji Trophy Camp in First Class Level . He was also selected in the Cooch-Bihar Trophy under 19 tournament.


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