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ITORIGINS-The best sitecore cms online training academy in india , Our Sitecore online training program will help you to meet industry requirements. Sitecore online training and certification program offers job support to our trainees.Sitecore is a .Net-based WCM web application technology designed for content management


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What is meant by Sitecore? Sitecore is a software platform that is good for making and updating full featured and dynamic websites of every possible type(Implemented in various industry domains and vertical). It has the advantages of scaling, flexibility and can very well integrate in third party systems, marketing platforms, overall giving the visitors a very dynamic user experience. Q. How many databases are associated with Sitecore? There are in total 3 databases:- a)Master Core Web


Q. What is meant by page in Sitecore? There is no physical page in Sitecore or ASPX Web Form page at the end of the day. In Sitecore all are things from business client planned final product or specific URL in Sitecore may called as Page. To alter this page utilizing WYSIWYG editor sitecore gives interface called Page Editor. Q. What are the different tokens supported by Sitecore? 1.$name: The name for the new item entered by the user 2.$id: The ID of the new item 3.$parentid: The ID of the parent of the new item 4.$parentname: The name of the parent of the new item 5.$date: The system date in yyyy MM dd format 6.$time: The system time in HHmmss format 7.$now: The system date and time in yyyy MM dd THH mmss format Q. What is Incremental Publish in Sitecore?


Q. Which is the best place for Word and PDF documents? Word, PDF, Excel, Power Point documents will have their place where the images are which is in the media library, so they don’t have a particular folder provided by Sitecore, they must be placed wherever we place the pictures. Though standard practice suggest that we should create appropriate directory structure within media library before storing any media there. Q. What is meant by Layout inSitecore? Whenever user sends any request to Sitecore through a URL, Sitecore resolves that item by generatingvisual representation of that item. Layout provide the basic structure of this visual representation.Layout is container which contains different component of the page.Technically speaking, your .ASPX page is layout and .ASCX, .CS or .XSLT file is component (user control).


Q. Would it be possible to avoid anchor link anchors to be transformed into links by Sitecore ? In Sitecore , text lines don’t have to be transformed into links, but there is another way to make an anchor. We must put the cursor above the thing that is out anchor’s destination, with no text highlighting. After that we should click the hyperlink button to make the anchor and then go on with the rest. This is the right procedure to avoid text transforming into an undesired link.


Q. What is meant by Item in Sitecore ? An item is a record in database. Items are basic building block of a Sitecore Site. An item may represent any kind of information, e.g. a piece of content, a media file, a layout etc. Items always have a name and ID that uniquely identifies the item within the database. Items have a template that defines which fields the item contains. An item represent a single version of piece of content is a single language. An item can be retrieved from a database using Items.


Q. What is meant by CMS? A content management system (CMS) is a PC application that supports the creation and modification of digital content using a simple interface to extract away low-level points of interest unless required, typically supporting numerous clients working in a collaborative environment. . What is meant by page in Sitecore ? There is no physical page in Sitecore or ASPX Web Form page at the end of the day. In Sitecore all are things from business client planned final product or specific URL in Sitecore may called as Page. To alter this page utilizing WYSIWYG editor sitecore gives interface called Page Editor.


Q. How many databases are associated with Sitecore ? There are in total 3 databases:- a)Master Core Web Q. What is the significance of the sea watchtower picture that shows up at Sitecore sign in? This picture shows up that you are not signed into the Content Editor, but rather to the developer tool to the Desktop. The button from the bottom left corner of the display must be pushed(it has the “ Sitecore ” name on it), then we should hot the “Log off” button for coming back to the login part. From here the login methodology will be normal: we should hit “Content Editor”, insert the user and password then “Login”.


Q. What is standard values in Sitecore ? Standard values were first acquainted in Sitecore 5.3 to overcome some of the issues experienced with the predecessors of standard values – “Masters”. In Sitecore 6 masters was totally evacuated and the idea of standard values assumed control. Standard values is a method of having default or fallback values for fields in Sitecore , implying that when items are created, you can specify a field value that should be used by default. This does represent custom fields you work, as well as standard fields in Sitecore such as presentations and insert options. This means that you can specify a value on the standard values, and when you create a new item which inherits from this template, it will by default use the values specified on the standard values.


Every time the content is changed, Sitecore adds it to the publishing queue. When we select the incremental publish Sitecore will publish only these items which are added to publishing queue. The contents added/edited programmatically as well as in content editor is will be added to publishing queue. Incremental publish are fastest compared to Republish and Smart publish as only the edited contents gets published.


Q. How do we implement Sitecore ? Sitecore CMS uses the .NET technology, so if our company is a Microsoft shop, Sitecore will fit great. Sitecore is better than many other platforms based on .NET like Sharepoint or Opentext . Pre-implementation Before we choose Sitecore or any CMS we have to consider our processes and workflows. We must to see where will we put our content and how will we publish it, what strategy and what architecture do we have, what needs to be changed etc. After we get answers to these questions (which was not really easy) we can employ a consultant if we have the required money to help us further . Implementation After pre-implementation we have to implement our Sitecore CMS platform. The first phase is gather our staff and make some training to become certified. Being more than a simple paper, the certification helps our team to be more in the know of the Sitecore terminology. If this phase is skipped we will have to do it anyway later ata higher cost so it’s better to save money now.


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