Sitecore online training

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Sitecore online training:

Sitecore online training

Why Sitecore???:

Why Sitecore ??? ➤ Sitecore is becoming the most used among all the Content Management systems available  ➤ There are pool of jobs available on Sitecore CMS according to


COURSE OBJECTIVE After completing  Sitecore CMS Real-time training  with IT ORIGINS you will be able to gain ➤ Sitecore introduction and its installation  ➤ Insight into data template creation and its sub modules  ➤ Complete knowledge on Sitecore API sets for accessing sitecore data from content tree  ➤ Multi-site Management  ➤ Deep insight into Multilingual architecture  ➤ Setting up publishing environment ,Packaging and deployment  ➤ All the features in  Sitecore CMS   ➤ Some additional concepts related to sitecore   ➤ Knowledge on advanced concepts like Helix, Glass.Mapper and SXA  ➤ Live project using all the features of Sitecore

Course Overview:

Course Overview Sitecore  is leading content management system software which is affordable and widely used by small and medium scale to large scale Enterprises, Business organization, government and non-profit organizations which requires enterprise level functionality, integration and scalability. Sitecore has content management server which refers to the functionality of sitecore namely authoring, editing, managing the content and configuring web solution. IT ORIGINS is proving the best  sitecore tutorial  with best practices

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