Choosing the suitable furniture for your church

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We provide the most comprehensive selection of custom church furniture with flexible seating, stacked or ganged together, constructed by our skilled and experienced craftsmen, specialize in custom solid oak church chair construction.


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People from all walks of life visit churches. One of the major problems they face at churches is seating arrangement. That ’s why one of the main necessities of every church is furniture. The first option is pews. As they look like benches and are crafted from high quality polished wood. This polished design look classic and will look perfectly on churches. Nowadays companies offer cushions on the church pews of varying colors to fit the church. Other churches don ’t have cushions but are handcrafted designs to match the look of churches. Next option is Banquet chairs. These are suitable for individual seating and can stack up for storage. Whether you use church chairs for indoor or outdoor setting you have to find something that would fit your preference and give utmost comfort to the church goers. With the passage of time church furniture has undergone many changes starting from simple to being artistic and with some designs. There are many themes of custom church furniture such as Gothic medieval contemporary or traditional church furnishings.

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Whenever you ’re going for the shopping of the church furnishings obviously budget will be a criterion and the requirements. Then the type of furniture you require that something depends on your choice and what suits the best for your church. Traditional churches will look for traditional form of furniture which includes cushion seats wooden pews and kneelers. Whereas modern churches will prefer individual chairs forming a row. Choose the furniture according to your theme. As far as custom church furniture from Ratigan-Schottler is concerned they are made of solid oak and other hardwoods. Ratigan-Schottler custom church furniture stands out from other church suppliers because of its high quality and durability. From sanctuary seating to chancel furniture all of our products are tailored to meet your specific needs. Website

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