What Mobile App Expert to hire when doing Mobile App Development?


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People now a days have this idea that mobile apps are easy to create and does not require much of the cost.


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What Mobile App Expert to hire when doing Mobile App Development?

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People now a days have this idea that mobile apps are easy to create and does not require much of the cost.

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Just knowing basic C language and other coding languages used for developing applications can be considered as the key to creating apps.

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But what they don’t understand is that if you want good number of downloads and want to make your app famous you need to develop it in a proper manner.

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We live in the time where applications are becoming powerful and websites too are becoming more app like. So the question arises that is it possible for both the technology to coexist? Or will it so happen in the future that one is doomed and other will be the sole ruler? Well the answer to this is with the consumer. People do pursue the websites but they use more of apps, we can say that if the websites are browsed passively;

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apps too are used very actively. What websites have is the information while the apps help to accomplish tasks. Websites have regular plus new visitors which means websites have larger audience whereas apps have more engaged audience. In short we can say websites and applications are two different marketing channels and they shouldn’t be considered as competitors for getting your customer’s attention, rather they are complementary to each other.

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There are many ways to synchronize your website traffic and your target audience and convert them into customers. Here are few tips that might be helpful for you.

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Transfer your traffic to your mobile website to your app: Make your mobile website a gateway to divert the traffic to your app, you may ask why? Because mobile applications are more efficient, robust and better designed usually to than the mobile web. You can see the example in any ecommerce website, on the mobile website allows consumers to find, search and add items to the shopping cart, but the same can turn to be a better experience with an app which may have additional functionality as well.

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Add as many app- specific personality as you can You can include the best of the features of your website to the app but you should not simply replicate your website into an app. Your app should enhance those features into some ways using mobile’s unique capabilities.

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Create new and wider experience for people who go to app from your website. Continuity from website to app is important. As a company you should provide your customers with consistent brand experience as they switch from the website to application or from their laptops to mobiles. Which simply means if you divert your consumer from website to an app they should be able to pick up from where they left on the website, it should not happen that they have to undergo whole procedure again. Which may turn exhausting. Website Wider Experience Application

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So we can say that don’t just think that your app is just a mobile version of your website. Make each marketing channel do its best and lean and fulfill the gaps. It is said that websites are great at providing information while apps make great vehicles of engagement.

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