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If you want to buy bronze Sculpture than visit RAV we provide best and beautiful Sculpture is a fantastic alternative to gold or jewellery. Visit


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RaRe and Valuable COlleCTOR Class ObjeCT s Of desiRe

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RaRe V aluable RaV lOndOn is a boutique family run business specialising in bespoke custom-made sculptures. each sculpture is embedded with a rare and valuable gemstone. We also create stunning hand-made bespoke items. Our work is dedicated to the elegant connoisseur collector who understands rare beauty and the value of precious items. Call f OR peRsOnal a CquisiTiOn assis TanCe: 020 3773 3343

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At RAV we specialise in rare fancy colour diamond sculptures our inspiration comes from the true passion of identifying the natural colour of a diamond and how to create stunning design. We focus on facilitating a personalised service for every customer by ensuring that all individual requirements are met with the utmost care and dedication. The close-knit family business revolves around company CEO Mrs Aman Dhillon a professional jewellery designer and a sculpture specialist and company founder Mr. Rav Dhillon a trader with 5 years of experience in the fancy coloured diamond trade. Mr Rav Dhillon boasts a sizeable network of clients on whose behalf he has sourced precious rare fancy diamonds. Our vision is to build a large global network of loyal and honest clients that will keep coming back due to our proven track record of exceeding customer expectations. We promise that our bespoke sculpture designs will be unique and extraordinary with embedded rare fancy coloured diamonds. We understand that no two client’s tastes are the same which is also why we work very closely with you to understand your requirements and to design stunning unique bespoke pieces. We employ only the best designers and our in-house team of experts pay attention to every detail whilst crafting precious diamond sculptures. We frmly believe in delivering the highest standard of quality and customer service to our valued clients at all times. pReCiOus COlleCTiOns fROm RaV Call f OR peRsOnal a CquisiTiOn assis TanCe: 020 3773 3343 RaRe and Valuable

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bespOKe sCulpTuRe At RAV we also have a wealth of experience and knowledge in creating beautiful unique pieces of sculpture. Mrs. Aman Dhillon - CEO a professional jewellery designer and sculpture specialist along with her expert in-house design team creates modern yet subtle sculptures that boast clean lines and commendable craftsmanship. Originated from free-hand designs each sculpture is embedded with rare diamonds. We practice strict compliance and transparency and ensure that only the best diamonds are inlaid. Just like age-old paintings rare sculptures made out of copper and embedded with rare diamonds are becoming popular. We only use solid bronze for our sculptures as copper has become a strong investment. Unlike gold and silver copper has failed to attract the attention of the media over several years which is also why very few people consider buying copper. According to research the prices of copper are up by 393 which is a frst from its low price in 2001. This increasing investment trend in copper has urged us to create sculptures out of this precious metal allowing us to help our clients to preserve their wealth in the most stylish and glamorous way. We use only the latest tools and technology to craft memorable and exquisite sculptures. We hope to promote a new concept by creating religious themed sculptures that will hold great signifcance and meaning. If you have a specifc sculpture in mind it would be our pleasure to discuss your ideas please call us to discuss how we can together create a unique and precious bespoke item. Call f OR peRsOnal a CquisiTiOn assis TanCe: 020 3773 3343 RaRe and Valuable

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GOlden CRuCifix This solid bronze casting is embedded with one of the rarest diamonds in the world. 1.02 fancy intense Yellow. a true collectors piece. material: solid bronze casting diamonds used: 1 diamond Type: 1.02 fancy intense Yellow size: 15cm x 25cm base: 6cm Call f OR peRsOnal a CquisiTiOn assis TanCe: 020 3773 3343 RaRe and Valuable

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For every 10000 carats of diamonds that are cut a mere one- carat has fancy colour. Therefore coloured diamonds are truly precious and rare. Over the years ownership of such precious stone has become more accessible making it a prime source of wealth preservation. Clients buy rare diamonds not only to admire and possess them but as a safe measure against alternative volatile markets and assets. We at RAV have identifed this rise in popularity and have created sculptures and jewellery with this rare diamond embedded within them. Certain types of coloured diamonds like the Argyle Pink diamonds originate from the Australian mine owned by Rio Tinto and it is estimated that about 90 of the supply comes from this mine enough to ft the palm of your hand. However this mine is said to be closing by 2020 which has caused a surge in demand from collectors and connoisseurs. Our vision at RAV is to utilise these beautiful stones to create masterpieces that boast unmatched quality and rarity . Exquisite designs that are perfect for long term collectors whilst being elegantly stylish. Our timeless designs showcase the appreciation of these rare diamonds and also of quality craftsmanship. We use latest technology to cut and shape the diamonds according to our bespoke designs. All our in-house designers have specialist expertise and are highly skilled to craft your distinctive bespoke piece. RaRe Gems TOnes RaRe and Valuable Call f OR peRsOnal a CquisiTiOn assis TanCe: 020 3773 3343

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YOuR ques TiOns ans WeRed How do you manufacture Our process involves several key components. first we discuss a series of design concepts and once we agree on the theme the in-house sketch artist draws up a series of styles and creatives. We then get our 3d Cad team to create the digital image. The next step is to create the Cad into a wax model which lastly allows our in-house workshop to mould the sculpture directly over the model. The Rare Gem is then placed into a 4 or 6 prong setting to secure the stone onto the sculpture. How do you source your gemstones We source our gemstones directly from the mine when appropriate and through our close relationships with israel america europe india. The rarity of the supply puts us in a very privileged position to be able to source the unique stones at the best prices available. each stone has a diferent story. Why bronze sculptures alternative investments such as fine art has come under the spotlight since the crash of 2008. more and more investors are looking at tangible and alternative assets. fine art has appreciated by nearly 200 percent in the past 10 years according to the Knight frank luxury investment index. Why fancy Coloured diamond for every 10000 diamonds mined only one will be a coloured diamond and due to the limited supply and high demand fancy Coloured diamonds have averaged 10 per annum. Call f OR peRsOnal a CquisiTiOn assis TanCe: 020 3773 3343 RaRe and Valuable

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RaRe and Valuable COlleCTOR Class ObjeCT s Of desiRe

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