Professional Etiquette

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Professional Etiquette:

Professional Etiquette

First Impressions:

It is true – it is much easier to make a good first impression than to correct a bad one….. Rule of Twelve The first twelve inches from the shoulders up The first twelve steps a person takes The first twelve words a person speaks First Impressions

Greetings & Meetings:

In today’s workplace, gender is removed from all etiquette Whoever reaches the door first, opens it and holds it for others. Both men and women rise to meet and greet someone, especially when a handshake is involved. It is not expected for a male business companion to seat a female associate. Whoever extends an invitation to a meal – pays for the meal Greetings & Meetings

Body Language:

Your body language often reveals more about your than verbal communication. Be conscience of it, because it is always being observed. Good posture displays confidence Don’t slouch – stand and sit upright Don’t fidget –it is annoying and a sign of boredom Keep hands away from your mouth when speaking Honor others personal space Break nervous habits, such as: gum chewing, drumming fingers, hair twirling, nail biting, etc. Don’t show the soles of your shoes while sitting, especially in the company of individuals from other countries Body Language

Dress Code:

For the occasion – guests, location, event When in doubt - opt for overdressing Casual – appropriate jeans, shorts, etc. Business Casual – open collar, slacks, skirt Business Professional – jacket, tie, ladies suit or dress Semi Formal – Suit for men, cocktail dress for women Formal – Suit or tuxedo for men, formal dress or gown for women Dress Code

Dress Code - Men:

Ties should reach your belt buckle Socks should cover your shin when sitting Wear a long sleeve shirt with a suit Socks match either pants or shoes Button suit or sport coat when standing Two button coat – button top button Three button coat – button top two buttons Double breasted coat – button all buttons Dress Code - Men

Dress Code - Women:

Use fragrances sparingly Makeup and jewelry should be kept simple If the men are wearing ties, you should be wearing hose Avoid all clothing that is too revealing or too restrictive Don’t wear heels so high that you are unsteady (common height 2”-3”) Nails should not be more than ¼” in length Dress Code - Women


Practice makes perfect Name of most honored person is mentioned 1 st - “Dean White I would like to introduce my brother, Bob.” 2 nd person mentioned in the order of gender, age, rank- “President Wefald I would like to introduce my mother, Marie. Equal status – use gender and age to decide who to mention first – Grandma Smith I would like to introduce you to my neighbor, Dorothy. Introductions

Hand Shake:

Always wear your name tag on your right shoulder for a clear eye line … Stand to meet someone Extend your hand immediately Web to web Shake from your elbow Hold 3-4 seconds Maintain eye contact A confident hand shake compliments the introduction Hand Shake


All rapport is built upon conversation – most begin with “small talk” Approach with a smile and eye contact Open a conversation with a genuine compliment or an open ended question Whatever you do, don’t begin with a lecture about yourself Turn the spotlight on them Conversation

A Good Conversationalist::

Is polite Is a good listener Puts others at ease Can discuss numerous issues Asks good questions Never interrupts A Good Conversationalist:

A Good Conversationalist::

Graciously accepts a compliment with a simple, “thank you” Extends a compliment with sincerity When mingling; approach groups of three rather than two learns to open and end conversations with grace picks up on nonverbal cues when to end a conversation with “It’s been a pleasure talking with you, please excuse me.” or “I’ve enjoyed meeting you, please excuse me.” never have your drink more than half full so if you are “stuck” you can say “excuse me, I’m going to refill my drink.” A Good Conversationalist:

Telephone Tips:

Tone and voice clarity are more important than the words you use Smile & speak clearly and slowly Return all calls within 24 hours Never eat, drink or chew gum while talking Always begin a call by introducing yourself, your company and with whom you wish to speak When answering a call immediately write down the callers name and repeat it during the conversation Telephone Tips

Dining Etiquette:

Napkin Use Ordering “Reading” the Table Setting Use of Silverware When You Have Finished Dining Etiquette

Tips to Look Your BEST:

Your appearance impacts your mood and confidence Dress to fit your audience & yourself Clothing should fit & be well-maintained Dark colors compliment your shape and create the appearance of authority Polish your shoes – people notice! Quality accessories are important; briefcase, purse, umbrella, etc… Tips to Look Your BEST


T F 1. A man should wait for a woman to initiate a handshake. T F 2. It is better to make no introductions at all than to use an incorrect form. T F 3. A woman should not open a door for a man. T F 4. The only time to call attention to someone’s appearance or behavior mistake is when they can do something about it. T F 5. A decisive statement can be negated by weak body language. T F 6. A little gossip about someone will help loosen up conversation. Quiz


___30%____50% ____70% of the message that you communicate is conveyed through your visual appearance. “About ___% of one’s financial success is due to one’s technical knowledge and about ___% is due to skill in human engineering.” -Dale Carnegie (1936) Quiz…

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