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Brand management : 

Brand management June 2010

Brand Equity : 

Brand Equity Brand equity refers to the effects of marketing on consumers' knowledge about a brand Brand equity is one of the factors which can increase the financial value of a brand to the brand owner, although not the only one. Measuring Brand Equity Firm Level: Can be measured through market value minus the financial assets of a firm. Product Level: Comparison of price of a no-name or private label product to an "equivalent" branded product. The difference in price, assuming all things equal, is due to the brand. Consumer Level: Measuring the awareness (recall and recognition) and brand image (the overall associations that the brand has). All of these calculations are, at best, approximations. A more complete understanding of the brand can occur if multiple measures are used.

Customer-based Brand Equity : 

Customer-based Brand Equity

Organization of Brands : 

Organization of Brands Brand architecture – the structure and organization of brands Brand hierarchy – the different organizational levels within a brand system Sub-brand – an identified division (other of products) within a brand

Brand Hierarchy : 

Brand Hierarchy

Product Range Strategy : 

Product Range Strategy Allows multiple market entry and flexibility Consumer-oriented branding not corporate branding Encourages innovation and risk taking (failure will reflect less on corporate brand) Possible to control greater shelf space with strong brands BUT expensive and requires sophisticated organization Household Range of Products

Umbrella Brand Strategy : 

Umbrella Brand Strategy Builds brand equity at the corporate level Corporate brand strength is critical Reduces marketing investment in new categories Allows fast-follower strategies in innovative companies Easier for horizontal rather than vertical extension Risk of over-stretching

Umbrella Brands - Sony : 

Umbrella Brands - Sony

Endorser Brand Strategy : 

Endorser Brand Strategy Allows dual brand equity to develop Quality seal of approval Cheaper method of building brand equity in company name Use product brands to express different aspects of personality Requires comprehensive understanding of brand values ‘09 H3 ‘09 H2 SUT ‘09 H2 SUV ’10 Yukon Denali ’10 Yukon XL Denali ’10 Yukon Denali HB Corvette Z06 Corvette Conv Corvette Coupe

Brand Extension : 

Brand Extension Facilitate new product acceptance Increase profits Avoid cost of developing a new brand Appeal to new consumers Revitalize the brand Prevent marketing myopia Hurt parent brand image Dilute brand image (diluted investment) Confuse consumers Alienate existing consumers Retailer resistance Pros Cons

Brand Alliance : 

Brand Alliance Co-operative marketing of brands/ products that have the same utility or target segment Event related – DLF-IPL Operations related – Star Alliance (airline industry) Collective brand assets – McDonald’s and Coke Complementary products – Intel

Brand and Marketing : 

Brand and Marketing

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