Counselor and Psychologist

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Counselor and Psychologist :

Counselor and Psychologist Collaboration

Working Together :

Working Together Referrals to work with students may come from different places IEP meeting results/ Rti Meetings (Previously known as SST) Teacher recommendations Parent outreach

Psychologists and Counselors together can…:

Psychologists and Counselors together can… ….work with people who are struggling with psychological disorders ….empower people to make changes that they want to make in their lives

Benefits :

Benefits There are many benefits from psychologist and counselor working together. Having both the psychologist and counselor work with students allows for more experts trying to help them before recommending outside services where child and parents are completely knew to location and adults. Also, having two trained experts help best meet the student’s needs in severe cases such as depression, suicidal students, and or alcohol and drug abuse students.

Who gives therapy differs depending on…:

Who gives therapy differs depending on… what the problem is. Psychologists and school counselors can collaborate to best meet the child’s needs.

Psychologist and Counselor:

Psychologist and Counselor Psychologist will start counseling to address the developmental stage needs and behavioral if applicable. Psychologist will work with student once a week for a month. The counselor then takes over and helps with social emotional and or behavior concerns. Counselor may refer students to further outside counseling.

Counselors and Psychologist with Teachers:

Counselors and Psychologist with Teachers The team can also include the child’s teacher. Usually this teacher is the one to best know the child.

Psychologist and Counselor:

Psychologist and Counselor As the counselor is working with child, the counselor can refer student for further evaluation or testing with psychologist. Psychologists will then assess students.