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Entering data or instructions into a computer is called a input. Therefore, an input device is a device which enters data or instructions into a computer. Input devices

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Some input devices are: Mouse keyboard Joystick scanner

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Mouse This input device controls the cursor on the computer screen. It has two or three buttons And a cable that is connecting it to the computer. It is quite easy to operate , the user simply Moves the cursor along the table. Once the cursor is at the desired location ,than the user can give instructions to the computer by clicking the button.

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Optical mouse Wireless mouse

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Keyboard Keyboard is the most commonly used input device. Keyboard is the input device used for entering data into the computer by pressing one key at at time. It has 101 keys arranged in four groups such as: Alphanumeric keys numeric keys Function keys Cursor movement keys

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Traditional keyboard Flexible keyboard

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Joystick Joystick looks like a stick that is fixed onto the box. It controls the cursor on the screen. So we can say it is alternate to the mouse.

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scanner This look likes a photocopying machine, its function is to scan any document that is placed onto the Flat glass and send the contents to the computer.

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Output devices The information we get from the computer is Known as output. The computer represents this Information through the devices. These devices are called Output devices such as:

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1. Monitor 2. Printer 3. Plotter 4. speakers

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Monitor The monitor is one of the most important Output device, it is used to display text and Picture. The monitor is also known as the Visual Display Unit (VDU).

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CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor

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LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor.

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Printer Printers are the most common used output devices that provides to user the permanent Visual record of the output data in human Readable form known as hard copy. There are several types of printer : Dot matrix printer ink-jet printer Laser printer

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Dot matrix printer

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Ink jet printer

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Laser printer

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Speaker Speakers are used to listen sounds from a computer system. When you are watching a cartoon film, the picture appears on the monitor, but you can hear cartoon character talking only if speakers are Attached to your computer

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