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Question asked in previous exam paper (jan/feb 2006):

Question asked in previous exam paper ( jan / feb 2006) Q. with neat diagram briefly explain the log-periodic toothed planar antenna.

What is log periodic antenna?:

What is log periodic antenna? A log periodic antenna is an antenna having structural geometry such that its impedance and radiation characteristic repeat periodically as the logarithm of frequency. It is consider as frequency independent antenna.

Classification of log-periodic antenna:

Classification of log-periodic antenna Log- periodic toothed planar antenna Log- periodic toothed wedge antenna Log- periodic toothed trapezoid antenna Log-periodic Dipole Array

Log periodic wedge antenna:

Log periodic wedge antenna Has unidirectional pattern. Included angle € is 180 degree. A single broad main beam exist. The pattern is nearly independent 30< €<60

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