Handy tips to pick the best Car insurance policy!

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Handy tips to pick the best Car insurance policy!:

Handy tips to pick the best Car insurance policy!


It is a good thing that Indian governments made it compulsory to have an insurance cover. We know most people would like to stick to the mandatory third party car insurance . It is beneficial to have a financial protection while you drive your vehicle safely. But you can expect better protection form vehicle insurance as many insurance companies offer a wide range of policies to meet your needs.


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Besides opting for a third party insurance policies, can also opt for another type of car insurance products. If you just do a random search online, you can find a plethora of options to choose from. We hope the following pointers will help you pick the best suitable vehicle insurance policy that will meet your requirement.


The type of Insurance cover you need! There are many types of car insurance that cover against the different aspect of the collision. The range of such vehicle insurance products would vary from one insurance provider to another. And there are three basic types of motor insurance policies you can find in the market.


Accidental cover : Such insurance policy would cover for the repair-work of your vehicle but then you still have to pay for the deductible amount . Medical protection : such type of insurance product covers medical expense or loss of wages in case of an accident. Comprehensive Insurance : while liability insurance covers only damage to the third party in an accident, comprehensive car insurance covers the most expensive. Such policies can even cover damages from damage from fire, vandalism or falling objects. Such type of insurance products is more popular as it covers most expenses occur, including legal fees.


Choosing the right insurance provider: Indeed there are many insurance providers in India that offer a wide range of car insurance products. You might want to evaluate each vehicle insurance product availed in the market. But it is important to mind the insurance company you are rooting for. You can assess an insurance provider on the basis of IRDAI accreditation which defines that the company can justify interest of a policyholder i.e. you. You can also do some research about the number of claims settled by the insurance company as it explains the efficiency.


Which modifications are covered ? We are not telling you to do nit-picking but after a while, you do what to chance or modifications in a car engine. Most car insurance providers wouldn’t cover such changes in your car as it can alter the performance of the vehicle. But some insurance companies can let you add chance add modification if you are using genuine spare parts. It is wise to discuss these terms before you opt for a motor insurance.


Enquire about online processing: In the recent time, it became easier to buy and manage car insurance policies as most of the processing can be handled online. You can fill the online insurance form, upload required documents and pay for the process. Most insurance companies will let you manage and renew your vehicle insurance. You can visit official sites of these insurance providers and check out what online processing are availed to the policyholder. Good luck and all the best!

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