A Concise Guide to Buying Rental Property~ Adam Umerji


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Our partners at Shafiq patel and Shafiq Master are also involved in negotiations and deals with lowered interest rates for your benefit. Conventional modes for raising capital as recommended by Shafiq Patel are


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A Concise Guide to Buying Rental Property Adam Umerji 1

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—Adam UmerjiShafiq PatelShafiq Master 2

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Let us look at each of the essential steps involved in buying a house in moderate detail. You might find a lot of similarities between buying a rental property and buying a house outright. Our mission Adam Umerji Effective And Easy Self- Education Approaches. 1. Research Buying Rental Property- Adam Umerji 2. Planning and Financing – Adam Umerji 3. The Shopping Begins – Shafiq Master 4. Negotiate and make the purchase Adam Umerji 5. Inspecting and Closing the Deal Shafiq Patel 3

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Research Buying Rental Property- Adam Umerji Adam Umerji TIP To keep the audience focused always use the same transition before a new topic This is a step you simply cannot skip or shorten. Clearly define the amount you are willing to invest the neighbourhood in which you plan to buy your first rental property the rental returns you will get from a house in that area and the type of house you are looking for. Once this is all done you can go right ahead to the next step in this guide.

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You have to be mentally prepared to be a landlord before you buy rental property. Dealing with tenants can be quite challenging if you have not done it before. As you might already know every new aspect of a house will cause the price of the house to shoot up exponentially. Once you determine your budget do not let yourself get tempted by a few extra features that are not really important in the long run. The Shafiq Patel company can help you plan your finances perfectly. They will help you contact your bank and set up an all-cash transaction commercial loan or conventional mortgage. FACT

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“ 6 —Adam Umerji If both the above steps have been completed you can jump to shopping for rental property. A Shafiq Master establishment will surely act as an asset in this step. While there are many sites like zillow.com and trulia.com which share MLS listings consulting an expert real estate agent is always the better option. Getting agents who are especially good with investors is the best way to go. Share your requirements with them and they should be able to find you some of the best deals for the money you are ready to invest. The Shopping Begins – Shafiq Master

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