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Skill India Consultants believe in the power of contribution and collaboration to bring about the change that we want to see in society. At Skill India Consultants, we are embarking on journey with a purpose. Skill India Mission 2022- to impart market orientated employment linked to 20 lakhs youngsters by 2022.


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What is Skill India ? Skill India programme is set to provide training and skill development to over 500 million Indian youth in country by 2022. By help of this programme, employment of potential human recourses of the country can be increased. Unemployed can find a gainful employment by furnishing the skill certification issues under the scheme. So, Skill India initiative is a great step taken by the Modi government along with the Startup India initiative. Indian government is doing it for the benefit of the people and prosperity of India.


The basic idea behind the whole program is to train people in industry specifics skill to help them live a financially secure life.   Skill India Consultants value the potential of this youth-oriented scheme and are here to propel the ambitious vision of the government and contribute towards the welfare of the nation. We have explored unexplored territories of the Skill India program and provide consultancy to two important poles of the program, students and training centers.   The training courses under Skill India programs aim to train students in a manner that they meet demands of not only domestic sector but are also capable to provide services across the nation. It is of extreme importance for a student to get enrolled under the right course to get a secure job and further live a secure life. Skill training is available in wide array of courses like wielding, real estate construction, carpenters, cobblers, blacksmith, jewelry designing, banking and many more. Skill India Training

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We are the only one who has taken an initiative to propel the Skill India initiative of the government.With our services we open up new vistas and avenues for our clients. One can be sure of benefitting from the vault of opportunities once they are connected with us. Our consultancy works at various levels; citizens can find the right training course and right training center at right timeand training centers can get registered under the Skill India, get placement assistance and get customized training infrastructure too. Skill India has a team of professional experts who have been following the Skill India program since its inception.

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