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Rajkumar's Dentistry is a leading clinic for teeth implant in Coimbatore.To provide the Dental Implants with the best cure development for your teeth roots.


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What is Dental Implants?:

What is Dental Implants? It is a surgical instrument that interfaces  with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor. The basis for modern dental implants is a biologic process called osseointegration, in which materials such as titanium form an intimate bond to bone. The implant fixture is first planted so that it is likely to osseointegrate, then a dental prosthetic is added. A variable amount of healing time is needed for osseointegration before either the dental prosthetic (a tooth, bridge or denture) is attached to the implant or an abutment is placed which will hold a dental prosthetic.

Uses of dental implants:

Uses of dental implants Real nature look and feel Similar function to natural teeth Don’t require in special glues for held in place Having teeth which one can easily eat with and clean Last longer than conventional tooth replacement methods


Techniques Osseointegration Osteotomies Oral Examination Radiographic Examination Bisphosphonate drugs Biomechanical Considerations

Surgical Procedures:

Surgical Procedures Soft Tissue Reflection Drilling Soft Tissue adaptation i ) Healing Abutment ii)Cover Screw Temporary restoration Sinus Lift Bone grafting

Types of implants:

Types of implants Endosteal -   Once the surrounding gum tissue has healed, a second surgery is needed to connect a post to the original implant. Finally, an artificial tooth (or teeth) is attached to the post-individually, or grouped on a bridge or denture. Subperiosteal - As the gums heal, the frame becomes fixed to the jawbone. Posts, which are joined to the frame, protrude through the gums. As with endosteal implants, artificial teeth are then mounted to the posts.


Recovery The prosthetic phase begins once the implant is well integrated (or has a reasonable assurance that it will integrate) and an abutment is in place to bring it through the mucosa. Even in the event of early loading (less than 3 months), many practitioners will place temporary teeth until osseointegration is confirmed. The prosthetic phase of restoring an implant requires an equal amount of technical expertise as the surgical because of the biomechanical considerations, especially when multiple teeth are to be restored. The dentist will work to restore the vertical dimension of occlusion, the esthetics of the smile, and the structural integrity of the teeth to evenly distribute the forces of the implants.


Maintenance After placement, implants need to be cleaned with a Teflon device to remove any plaque. Because of the more precarious blood supply to the gingiva , care should be taken with dental floss. Implants will lose bone at a rate similar to natural teeth in the mouth but will otherwise last. The porcelain on crowns should be expected to discolor, fracture or require repair approximately every ten years, although there is significant variation in the service life of dental crowns based on the position in the mouth, the forces being applied from opposing teeth and the restoration material. Where implants are used to retain a complete denture, depending on the type of attachment, connections need to be changed or refreshed every one to two years. A powered irrigator may also be useful for cleaning around implants.

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