Driving Sales Using Online Strategies


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Overview of online marketing strategies that bring in business fast: getting found through search engines, reaching people through email marketing and blogging.


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These slides were designed to be used as part of a live lecture on generating leads fast using online techniques. If you have questions, please post a comment to my blog at http://blog.mailermailer.com/archives/77.

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Driving Sales Using Online Strategies: 

Driving Sales Using Online Strategies Raj Khera CEO, MailerMailer Copyright 2008 MailerMailer LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Outline 800# Web site options Getting found on search engines Paid ads (pay per click) Search engine optimization (natural rankings) Email marketing Publish, publish, publish – Start by blogging Other strategies

Get an 800 Number: 

Get an 800 Number Very cheap, usually just pay pennies for calls Free search for available numbers Get 800 instead of 866 or others if possible Makes you look like a bigger company Include both your local and 800 numbers on your business cards and web site Goal: make it easy for people to reach you

Web Site Options: 

Web Site Options Do-it-yourself sites and software Dreamhost, Homestead, ImageCafe Adobe Contribute, Dreamweaver, NVu (free) Hire someone Create detailed RFP, post to freelancer web sites guru.com and elance.com Write search-engine-friendly text

Getting Found Online: 

Getting Found Online Natural Search Results “Organic” Paid Search Results “PPC”

Paid Search – AdWords (PPC): 

Paid Search – AdWords (PPC) Type in one term you want to bid on AdWords gives you many more related terms

Paid Search – Set Bids, Get Leads: 

Paid Search – Set Bids, Get Leads Your ad’s text should offer something of value Free eBook, white paper, coupon, newsletter Or appeal to emotions Example: “Have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood” Max Bid Total Cost Cost per Conversion

Natural Search – see results in 3 months: 

Natural Search – see results in 3 months Copywriting for your web site Keyword proximity and density “Washington DC real estate” is better than “real estate in the Washington, D.C. area” <Title> tag and filename Title text shown in the blue bar in your browser Use keyword phrase Title and filename used in determining relevancy Links from other sites

So They Found You, Now What?: 

So They Found You, Now What? Get their contact info

Send Useful Content Regularly: 

Send Useful Content Regularly Reinforces the “touch” 7 touches till client buys Portrays you as an expert Keeps you in their minds What to send Trends, News Ideas, Tips Special Deals, Coupons Licensed or purchased relevant content

Email Marketing Best Practices: 

Email Marketing Best Practices Do Get permission before sending newsletters Send regularly, once a month is good Personalize for higher response rates Get whitelisted Include opt-out link and address (law) Don’t Purchase, rent, trade or borrow a list – EVER Ignore bounces or opt-out requests Write text that reads like spam – people will think it is indeed spam Using a service like MailerMailer keeps you compliant with the law

Publish, Start by Blogging: 

Publish, Start by Blogging Reporters seek out trends from blogs Content can be used in your newsletter Frequent entries increase search engine rankings Post comments on other people’s blogs Blogger.com - free

Other Strategies: 

Other Strategies PR Web – low cost, highly effective news release distribution Write an eBook – modern equivalent of white papers Participate in online discussion groups


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