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TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT A Winning Mantra In Meltdown  :



INTRODUCTION technology management Technology is all - pervasive in the present digital era

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Managing Outsourced IT Using Business Technology Management


Overview Outsourcing Information Systems and Technology: The reasons and benefits Business Technology Management: Introduction; communication, collaboration, and evaluation The Synergy: Combining BTM with outsourcing; measuring quality, replacing costs, and realizing benefits Business technology management

Outsourcing is…:

Outsourcing is… The strategic use of outside resources to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources. Done because… Perhaps the IT function is not core to the business. Or… Business technology management

Reasons for Outsourcing:

Reasons for Outsourcing slipping slipping IT Projects keep on slipping Management’s plate is full Business technology management

Reasons for Outsourcing:

Reasons for Outsourcing Internal staff may lack the expertise or resources to do the job well Business technology management

Benefits of Outsourcing:

Benefits of Outsourcing Savings for the business Exploitation of innovation Delivery guarantees Increased quality Business technology management

Business Technology Management:

Business Technology Management "BTM is a proven and unified approach that enables companies to effectively and continuously align business and technology for improved business performance.” 1 BTM strives to align technology with the rest of management through communication, collaboration, and evaluation. Business technology management


Communication Give decision makers the right information at the right time to draw the right conclusions . Business technology management


Collaboration Develop and enact strategy through the cooperation of business and technology management. Unify business and technology decision-making. Collaborate horizontally and vertically within the organization to leverage distributed expertise. Business technology management


Evaluation Create reusable business processes and technology tools. Enable performance management through continuous measurement and evaluation. Promote strategy-driven innovation instead of reactionary management by modeling and testing new systems within the context of their real-world scenario. Business technology management

Combining BTM with Outsourcing:

Combining BTM with Outsourcing Setting priorities Measuring quality Replacing costs Realizing benefits Business technology management

Setting Priorities:

Setting Priorities Send out Requests for Proposal (RFP’s) to a number of vendors. Their responses are their blueprints for the outsourced function. The details of their proposals must match the customers technical requirements and priorities. Business technology management

Measuring Quality:

Measuring Quality Service Level Agreements guarantee delivery and quality. In-house contract management using the right personnel keeps the relationship on track. Risks are unnecessary and easily avoided. Business technology management

Replacing Costs:

Replacing Costs The cost of outsourcing is meant to replace “visible” and “invisible” in-house IT expenditures DOWNTIME ADMINISTRATION MANAGEMENT OPERATIONS RECRUITMENT R & D Business technology management

Realizing Benefits:

Realizing Benefits Better management of time and money. A common language and common goals for IT vendors and business strategists. Business technology management


Conclusion The best competitors know their business well. They focus on core areas. They may not have specialized capabilities to operate their peripheral areas. Such areas are often more efficiently executed by other parties. Many successful organizations consider outsourcing aspects of their Information Systems. When they do so, they should keep in mind that BTM keeps technology managed as part of the business. BTM, when used by an outsourcing customer to manage their relationship with the vendor, creates a synergy that reaps the benefits of IT best practices combined with business management . Business technology management

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