Globalization and HRM

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Globalization and HRM : 

Globalization and HRM By Rajashree Vare MS 252

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Do the geographical and the national boundaries limit a business in the world of the 21st century? The answer is simply "NO". The term Globalization has invaded the mind of every successful businessman and the concept of Global Village is a common issue in the modern business world.

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What really the globalization is? The answer seems simple "if a firm or an organization expands its sales or production beyond the national boundaries, then it is globalization”.

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When going global, an organization has to reconsider the following factors: Employment Laws Culture Terminology Corporate Social Responsibility

Globalization and HRM : 

Globalization and HRM Globalization is a process that is drawing people together from all nations of the world into a single community linked by the vast network of communication technologies. This aspect of globalization has also affected the HRM in the business world of today. HR managers today not need to rely in a small limited market to find the right employees needed to meet the global challenge, but today they can recruit the employees from around the world.

Globalization and HRM : 

Besides that the effective data based which is being used globally today also has made HRM a simple but effective task. Thus due to globalization to some extent HRM has became more efficient and effective, but relatively a simple task. The most important factor that these organizations are made up of People, and since HRM is the set of activities which deals with the people factor present in any organization, this change has affected The Human Resources Management itself a lot. Human resources manager of today must ensure that the appropriate mix of employees in terms of knowledge, skills and culture. Globalization and HRM

Globalization and HRM : 

Globalization and HRM Global HRM refers to Human Resource Management practices that deal with managing a diversity of workforce from all around the world. The following challenges are being faced by HR managers in terms of globalization:

Drivers of Globalization : 

Drivers of Globalization Market Drivers: Convergence of per capita income Convergence of life styles Organizations behavior as global customers Cost Drivers: Push for economic scale Advances in transportation Emergence of newly industrial countries with productive capability and low labor costs

Drivers of Globalization : 

Competitive Drivers: Growth of global networks making countries interdependent Rise of new competitors intent on becoming global competitors Increased formation of global strategies alliances Government Drivers: Reduction on tariffs and other trade barriers Privatization of industries in many parts of the world Creation of trade blocks (i.e. EU-European Union, an international organization of European countries formed after World War ІІ to reduce trade barriers and increase co operation among its members.) Drivers of Globalization

Conclusion : 

Conclusion The globalization is a HRM Challenge. The HRM Function has to make its policies, procedures and processes to work on the global level. Currently, most of the HRM Policies is focused on the concrete country, but the employees have to start to move from the country to another country and the HRM Processes have to be able to support such a need in the organization. The globalization has a huge impact on the HRM Function and the it is usually not ready to take more responsibility in the movement of the workforce around the Globe.

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