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aj Filters is a leading Wire Mesh Manufacturer and Suppliers in India, If you are looking for best wire mesh Manufacturers in India


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Raj Filters:

Raj Filters Wire Mesh Manufacturers in India And SS Wire Mesh Suppliers

Wire Mesh Manufacturer & Supplier in India :

Wire Mesh Manufacturer & Supplier in India RajFilters  is a leading manufacturer of high quality Stainless Steel wire meshes  & filters in India. Established in 1976 in Baroda, Western India, over the past three decades, our company has grown from strength to strength and today we offer complete spinning solutions to the man-made fiber industry like Polyester, PP, Nylon and Acrylic. Our product range includes various forms of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh filters from 10 microns to 500 mesh and Gaskets made of aluminium, copper and Stainless Steel, which are used in spin packs of technology suppliers like Barmag, TMT, Zimmer, Beijing Chongle, Teijin to name a few. Our products are also used in filtration requirements in Extrusion fields like plastic master batches, plastic granules manufacturing industrial test sieves.

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Know More About RajFilters is one of the most renowned, reputed and trusted name in offering superior quality and Best wire mesh manufacturer from 304 and 316 premium quality stainless steel material and gaskets. Being the market leaders for the past three decades, RajFilters is a popular name amongst the end users.


STAINLESS STEEL - SS WIRE MESH We have the manufacturing capability to weave any mesh from 4 to 500 as per the requirement of the customer . Our wire meshes are of the top most quality with 100% guarantee of uniformity across the the entire roll. We assure our customer of perfect wire mesh weaving , guage , mesh and the grade .


METALLIC FIBRE FELT MANUFACTURER Metallic Fiber Felt is made of metal fiber in micrometer through lapping, laminate and high temperature sintering. Multi player metallic fiber felt which has pore diameter grads formed by layers of different pore size can achieve high filtering accuracy and larger dirt holding capacity than single layer Felt . It is not only resistant to corrosion and high temperature, but also can be welded, folded and reused. The Metallic Felt is an ideal high efficient filter media suitable for working at high temperature, high differential pressure and high corrosion atmosphere.


TITANIUM WIRE MESH SCREEN MANUFACTURERS Titanium Wire Meshes  are highly resistant to the corrosive environment. Titanium Wire Mesh possesses silver white appearance. Available in two grades, both the grades possesses  99% pure titanium content, but differs in their strength and appearance .

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Contact Us Registered City Office Address RAJ FILTERS 3. White Rose Appt. B/h Kalyan Cafe, Fatehgunj – 390002 Vadodara , Gujarat, INDIA Website : www.rajfilters.com Contact Person : Mr . Mufaddal Thanawala Email: [email protected] Mob : +91 97243 33767 Mob : +91 76000 13767 Fax : +91 265 2793970