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Vascular dementia:

Vascular dementia By: Rajesh kumar hemathkar mohan kumar. University of GEOMEDI.


Content’s :- Introduction of vascular dementia. Cause’s. Symptom's. Prevention. Diagnosis. Treatment.


Introduction. Word mean’s: VASCULAR: relating to the blood flow. DEMENTIA: abnormality in memory. AKA: Multi- infarct dementia. Long term poor blood flow to brain due to strokes.

2. Causes.:

2. Causes. Atherosclerosis in branches of internal carotid artery, Vertebral artery. frontal lobe: movement, personality, counting, spelling, decision making. Parietal lobe: sensory info, physical location. Temporal lobe: earing, smelling, memory, Recognition of face. Occipital lobe: processing of visual info.


Liquefies necrosis of brain tissue leads to loss of mental function govern by that area.

3. Symptoms.:

3. Symptoms. Vari’s depending on region of damage. Symptoms appears suddenly & brain function with each stroke.

4. Prevention.:

4. Prevention. Decrease blood cholesterol level: eliminate trans fate containing foods . eg:- cookies, cracker’s, snack cakes. Increase intake of omega-3 fatty acid’s: it not effects level of LDL or VLDL, but increases level of HDL . eg:- salmon fish, mackerel fish, herring fish, walnut’s, almond’s.

Quit smoking: decreases HDL level. :

Quit smoking: decreases HDL level. Other benefit of quitting cigarette's are:- After 20min, decreases heart rate & blood pressure. After 1 year, decreases 50% risk of getting heart disease. After 15 years risk of getting of heart disease is similar to some who never smoked.


Exercise: increases HDL level drink alcohol  moderate ( not nonalcohol people) average calculation: younger then 65 year’s half liter of beer (25 ml alcohol). Older then 65 year’s 1 liter of beer (50 ml alcohol).

5. Diagnosis.:

5. Diagnosis. Neuropsychological test :-used to conform, loss of brain function. Brain imaging: CT, MRI ( mri ) (CT scan)

6. Treatment.:

6. Treatment. There is no permanent solution by medication. But in acute condition we can give PHENOXYBENZAMINE, which induces vasodilation & HR increases for > 24 hours. vasodilation  BP decreases  baroreceptor’s activation  HR increases.

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