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Ageing of brain


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DEMENTIA:- ageing of brain.. :

Deme = subdivision. Tia = Transient(temporary) ischemic attack. By:- Rajesh kumar hemathkar mohan kumar. From:- University of GEOMEDI .. DEMENTIA:- ageing of brain..


Introduction. Cause’s. Symptom’s**. Prevention. Diagnosis & treatment. Content’s:-

Introduction:- :

Globally dementia affected about 46 million people in 2015. About 3% people get dementia b/w 65 – 74 year’s. 19% b/w 75 – 84 year’s. more then 50% above 85 year’s. In 2013 due to dementia 1.7 M death’s accord. 1990 --- 0.8 M death’s But it is most common case among old people. Due to this, in every year economic loss approximately 604 billion US $.. Introduction:-

Cause’s. :

Vascular dementia:- Due to improper supply of blood to the brain, cause’s insufficient oxygen supply to brain cell’s, then we can expect ischemia. Due to lose of neuron’s in brain, there will be great loss of past memory in patent. Due to traumatic brain injury. D ue to immunological mediated & many other.. Cause’s.


There is 3 stage’s. 1. Early stage:- In very early stage parson begins to show symptoms, which is noticeable by people around them. In this stage parson take care him self. But he forgot thing’s like taking pill’s, doing laundry & other simple thing’s. He/she felt difficulty do work & come across many social withdrawal. Symptom’s:-


2. Middle stage:- In this stage he/she lose new information very quickly. They are failing to face problem’s & social judgment in daily life. They not to left alone, require assistance for personal care, hygiene & etc.


3. Late stage:- In this stage he/she completely fail’s to keep there personal care. For safety purpose they want to be in supervision at all time(24/7). they are not remembered how to walk properly on flat surface. Not able recognize common danger’s like hot water, sharp wall edges & etc. They fallow pureed diet, in which he/she want consume thick liquid food’s like potato masher. They no longer recognize familiar/family people. Have significant changes in sleeping time.


Eat healthy food. Maintain healthy weight. Keep blood pleasure constant(with in limit). Being active you’r self. Preventing diabetes. Not smoking. Preventing social isolation. Prevention:-


Main thing by analyzing patient medical history regarding memory. Physical examination. Screening test’s = laboratory test’s. In very rare condition autopsy, & etc.. Diagnosis:-


Regarding to type of dementia, treatment will differ. like, for Alzheimer's disease( a type of dementia) we use donepezil pill’s( which help’s to reduce confusion) & other acetylcholinesterase inhibitor’s.. & there are many non-drug therapies, in which we can expect better result… Treatment:-

Affected area..:

Affected area..

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