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Content's :- 1.Introduction. 2.couse's. 3.prevention 4.symptom's. 5.diagnosis & treatment's. cycle of parasite. 7.Why did I selected this topic..


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MYIASIS. By:- Rajesh kumar hemathkar mohan kumar. From:- University of Geomedi .


Introduction. Couse’s.** Prevention. Symptom’s. Diagnosis & Treatment. Life cycle.** Why did I select this topic. CONTENT’S..


Introduction.. It is parasitic infection of mammal body by fly insect larva call maggot’s. This deices mostly recorded in tropical &subtropical area. Myiasis effect’s human body according, where the larva located. like:- Eye’s (opthalmo myiasis) Ear’s (aural myiasis) Nose (nasal myiasis) skin (cutaneous myiasis) Intestinal track, vagina……………. This larva invade by open wound, broken skin(ulcer) & in rare case’s this larva enter by ear, nose. If food is contaminated with maggot’s or it’s larva then we expect myiasis GI track….


Causes. For human’s, fly that play main role as vector’s are:- 1. Blow flies. 2. Bot flies. 3. flesh flies


At first this vector flies, lay’s there egg’s in moischar containing places, like unclosed vest disposing canal & etc. Later this egg’s ache & come to larva stage.


If any wound’s are exposed to this larva, then this will easily entered body by using there mouth & proboscis. If chees containing food is contaminated with egg’s, then this egg’s will easily reached to intestine with out exposing to HCL in stomach & any other lymphocyte’s in there path. & this larva may also entered through ear’s & nose. After entering, it’s go on feeding on the tissue’s. In case of nasal, aural, cutaneous myiasis (skin myiasis) & vaginal myiasis maggot’s will come out from internal tissue & lay on the surface’s due to insufficient oxygen in already damaged tissue. This will give very hard appearance……….


Prevention:- First method is eradicating the vector’s by using insecticide’s, this process is called as vector controlling. Second method is introducing wild (or)slightly different spices to bread with the particular female insect’s to give unfertilized egg’s, which can’t develope’s into larva stage, this processer is called as SIT (sterile insect technique). Personal hygiene. Proper washing of cloth’s…


Symptom’s:- Symptom’s depends on where the larva located. 1.Aural myiasis:- symptom’s are,, crawling sensation, buzzing noise..


2.Nasal myiasis:- obstruction of nasal passages, severe irritation. 3. Cutaneous myiasis:- slow developing of ulcer, pain, furuncle…


4. Ophthalmo myiasis:- severe irritation, pain, edema (exas water collection b/w tissue).. 5. Vaginal myiasis:- severe irritation, pain, swelling, pass formation………


Diagnosis:- In cause of nasal, aural, cutaneous & vaginal myiases we can easily recognize by our naked eye’s. But for recognize of opthalmo & IT (intestinal track) myiasis we need use to ultra sound scanning (or) any other radiography tonic's.


Treatment:- For cutaneous, nasal, aural myiasis we can remove maggot’s by physical activity & wound must cleaned with any medium dosage antiseptic liquid to control regrowth of larva & for control infection. But for IT myiasis we need to use drug therapy (or) chemo therapy…

Life cycle:-:

Life cycle:-


Interesting thing is now a day’s this maggot’s are using to clean up (or) eradicate of necrotic tissue in case of presser ulcer, ischemia & other diseases where we get complete (or) partially dead tissue, & this processer is called as maggot debridement theory .


Why did I selected this topic ???? Because now day’s this myiasis pitcher's & video’s become more viral in some social media due to there hard appearance……….. This all information is taken from ….. Thank you……...