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Marketing Technology 2.0 Dec. 2008


Definitions Web 2.0 Social Media Blogs RSS Feeds Listing Syndication Podcasts SEO/PPC Drip Marketing

Web 2.0:

Web 2.0 Software term for new version Interactive High Speed Visual Web 2.0 has evolved from the understanding that Users Add Value!

Web2.0 at work!:

Web 2.0 at work! Every time someone makes a web link, they contribute A critical mass of buyers and sellers doing commerce Embraced and extended the product catalog by providing customer reviews and“other connected” purchase information Viral distribution, user creation and curation

Web2.0 at our work!:

Agent Technology Social Network @ Started Nov. 10 th 107 members so far! Web 2.0 at our work!

Social Media:

Community Dialogue Replaces telephone from other generations Category of sites that involve User participation and U ser G enerated C ontent (UGC) Social Media

Social Media Tools and Techniques:

Social Media Tools and Techniques Twitter is like a Cocktail Party – an energetic place where there are many conversations going on at once Myspace is like a Music Festival , a great place to meet young people and get them energized about your brand or your cause Facebook is a Pub – an informal place to talk casually and get to know people on a more personal basis LinkedIn is a Trade Show – a slightly more formal place to meet other business people and connect with them primarily for business purposes

Social Media Tools and Techniques:

Social Media Tools and Techniques Network Promote Share

Is Social Media Right for You?:

Is Social Media Right for You?

Social Media Case Study:

Social Media Case Study


Blogs Short for Web Log Has content that invites comment in reaction to published material Topic areas can be general or specific Audience can be gathered by invitation or virally Combines a column of letters to the editor BLOG = B etter L ocation O n G oogle 

RSS Feeds:

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication Filter to select sources Saved search for information on the web Easy way to keep up with updated / new content RSS Feeds One reader to catch up on all things you care about!


Podcasts Audio or video pre-recorded broadcast Accessible through a website Downloadable, playable on your iPod or MP3 device You can keep up with your favorite shows or broadcasts on your schedule! You can even subscribe to your favorite podcasts using a “ podcatcher ” tool

Listing Syndication:

Listing Syndication Send listings to many sites Periodic Updating Removal on change in status

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC):

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Web based ways of getting traffic to web sites SEO uses content on your site to show up on searches PPC involves buying a paid position on search results on certain keywords. Cost is determined by bidding

Search for “Society Hill homes for sale”:

Search for “ Society Hill homes for sale ”

DRIP Marketing:

DRIP Marketing Series of email messages Distributed automatically Sent to an individual or a group at a time Informational or offer to help

Your Personal Web Site:

Your Personal Web Site What is the purpose? Traffic Building Design and Functionality Lead Management Lead Conversion

Traffic Building:

Offline Advertising SEO and PPC Listing syndication and enhancement Cross linking Blog Traffic Building

Design and Functionality:

Design and Functionality IDX Search Clear Contact Points Additional Lead Generators Offers Local Content Informational not egotistical

Lead Management:

Lead Management Immediate response Contact Management System DRIP marketing enrollment Forrester Research shows that  “The Realtors who respond promptly to an online inquiry, have 10 times greater chance of signing the prospect as a client.”

Lead Conversion:

Lead Conversion Test different sources of leads/offers Evaluate your conversion percentage on each Seek more of the ones that convert the best Never give up on a lead. Sometimes it takes years to convert

Always Be “Always On”:

Always Be “Always On” Use a Smart Phone please! (multi-function all-in-one device) Get comfortable with text messages 30M+ American Idol fans text messaged their votes last year! Explore time saving tools:

PFR Tools: Web Site Home Pilot Relocation Content Agent Intranet @ Seller’s Reports Agent Metrics Market Reports E-Showings Appointment Handling Transaction Point PFR Tools

PFR Tools:

PFR Tools Custom Agent Web Sites E-Marketing (Sharper Agent) Prudential OSA Program Wake up, Go mobile with Smarter Agent!

PowerPoint Presentation:

It is STILL a relationship business! Use the right mix of Marketing and Technology tools to transform your client relationships