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Introduction to Education:

Introduction to Education Orientation by - Shri . Dnyaneshwar Khodave M.A. (English), M.Ed . , SET (English, Education) Shardabai Pawar College of Education for Women, Shardanagar .

Teaching Learning Process :

Teaching Learning Process

What are Objectives:

What are Objectives

Teaching – Passion or Profession !:

Teaching – Passion or Profession ! Teaching is an ART ! Teaching is a Skill !! Teaching is both of them !!!

Maxims of Learning :

Maxims of Learning From Known to Unknown From Simple to Complex From Concrete to Abstract From General to Specific From Specific to General From Logical to Psychological

Skills required !:

Skills required ! Introduction/ Set Induction Explanation Black Board Work Use of A-V Aids Narration Demonstration Questioning Reinforcement Stimulus Variation

Qualities of a Good Teacher !:

Qualities of a Good Teacher ! Philosopher

Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher !:

Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher !

Methods of Teaching !:

Methods of Teaching ! Demonstration/ Laboratory Method Workshop Library Project Based Learning ICT enabled Learning Flipped Classroom Concept Mapping Brain Storming Group Discussion Seminar Role Play

Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience:

Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience

Open Session !:

Open Session !

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Thank you ! Feel free to contact me On – Mobile - 7588277277 / 9422519024 Through e-mail - [email protected] Visit me on facebook – https://facebook/raja.khodave

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