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Effective Relating : 

Effective Relating Dr. S. John Michael Raj Assistant Professor Dept of Psychology Bharathiar University Coimbatore

Inter-relationship : 

Inter-relationship Everyone has six billion potential friends On this planet Each one is likely to interact with only a very small Percentage of them Among those, Some become acquaintances and Some remain stranger

The relating needs : 

The relating needs Need for affiliation Need for achievement Need for power

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If an individual has no one to share his/her happiness in the end of the day, all the money in the world is worthless.

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Communication is probably the one skill which made humans distinct amongst the animals. Along with the ability to think, it has brought progress in the world. Individuals are born with superb inbuilt tools for communication. Hence, everyone often think he/she is born with good communication skills too. That is not true.

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Sometimes people take the most important things in life for granted and do not realize its importance until it is too late. Many people take their relationships for granted and move on until one fine day they wake up to realize, they don't have the connection any more. Sometimes, this can lead to breakups or divorce, or simply just a  uncomfortable relationships. Suddenly people realize something is wrong in the way things are going.

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All communication is subject to a certain amount of misunderstanding Minimizing the misunderstanding is an art. Communication skills have to be developed, honed and added to on an on-going basis. They are at the heart of interpersonal skills.

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Being an effective communicator means that other people take you seriously, listen to what you have to say and engage in dialogue.

For Effective Communication : 

For Effective Communication First thing to know is to Hate the Attitude, Not the Person.

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"Communication skills were considered more important than either technical knowledge...or computer skills."

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Guru Kula System

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Formal Classroom

Slide 13: 

Virtual Classroom

Relationship between priest and People : 

Relationship between priest and People It is a symbiotic relationship in which the priest must always be willing to learn and the people must always be willing to share

Instructions : 

Instructions A number of statements are given below. Please read each statement carefully. If a statement is acceptable to you write “YES” in your answer sheet and if not write “NO” in the answer sheet. There is no right or wrong answers. Answer as quick as possible.

Slide 16: 

1. Any man who is able and willing to work hard has a good chance of succeeding 2. My daily life is full of things that keeps me interested 3. I enjoy social gathering just to be with people 4. I am embarrassed by dirty stories 5. I enjoy stories of adventure

Slide 17: 

6. I like poetry 7. I seem to make friends as quickly as others do 8. Religion gives me no worry 9. I would like to be a singer 10. I enjoy detective or mystery stories.

Slide 18: 

11. I gossip a little at times 12. It is alright to get around the law if you don’t actually break it. 13. Criticism and scolding hurts me 14. I am fascinated by fire 15. My worries seem to disappear when I get in to a crowd of lively friend

Slide 19: 

16. I readily become one hundred percent sold on a good idea 17. I like to talk about sex 18. Most people make friends because friends are likely to be useful to them 19. Most people are honest chiefly through the fear of being caught 20. I like to visit places where I had been never before

Slide 20: 

21. I like dramatics 22. I do not like to see women smoke 23. If given a chance I’d make a good leader of people 24. I tend to be interested in several different hobbies rather than to stick to one of them for a long time 25. I think great many people exaggerate their misfortunes in order to gain sympathy and help from others

Slide 21: 

26. While traveling I use to talk with strangers 27. If I were an artist I’d like to draw flowers 28. I like to go to parties and other affairs where there is lots of loud fun 29. I frequently ask people for advice 30. I get all sympathy I should.

Realistic type: 1,2,8, 11,18 : 

Realistic type: 1,2,8, 11,18 Investigative Type: 5,10, 17, 20,26. Artistic type: 6,9,14,21,27

Social Type: 3,7, 13,15,28 : 

Social Type: 3,7, 13,15,28 Enterprising Type: 12,16,19,23, 24. Conventional Type: 4,22,25,29,30

Realistic type : 

Realistic type Frank, Conforming, Genuine Natural, Normal, Practical, Persistent, Stable, Self-effacing, Thrifty Masculine, Materialistic, Asocial, Uninsigthful, Uninvolved.

Investigative Type : 

Investigative Type Analytic, Cautious Critical, Curious, Independent, Introspective, Intellect Introverted, methodical, Passive, Pessimistic, Precise, Rational, Reserved, Unassuming, Unpopular

Artistic type : 

Artistic type Emotional, Idealistic, Imaginative, Independent, Introspective, Intuitive, Original, Nonconforming, Impractical, Impulsive, Complicated, Disorderly

Social Type : 

Social Type Cooperative Friendly, generous, Helpful, Idealistic, Insightful, Kind, Persuasive, Responsible, Sociable, Understanding, Feminine, Tactful, Ascendant

Enterprising Type : 

Enterprising Type Adventurous ,Ambitious, Acquisitive, Argumentative, Dependent, Domineering, Energetic, Impulsive, optimistic , pleasure-seeking, Self confident, Sociable, Talkative, Exhibitionistic

Conventional Type : 

Conventional Type Conforming, Conscious, Defensive, Efficient, Obedient, Orderly Persistent, Practical, Self- controlled, Inflexible, Inhibited, Prudish, Unimaginative

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Human Beings are all celestial beings but immersed in human experience

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