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SSD chemical solution is a heterogeneous solution that is used to clean coated notes for security purpose.


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Find the Best SSD Chemical Cleaning Solution In Dubai Some money needs special cleaning chemicals that cost thousands of dollars but we are there to help clean the bills without spending a ton. The funds can that is black stamp green and white money. SSD chemical solution is a heterogeneous solution that is used to clean coated notes for security purpose. Banknotes have a coating of color chemicals that is either black or green. It is done to avoid being stolen at the time of transportation. Once the money arrives safely it is cleaned with SSD universal solution in the certified laundry as per the authorization. Automatic SSD solution chemical does not require any catalyst or activation power to increase the chemical reaction. Whether you have defaced currencies and you want to regain back by cleaning it you can use SS solutions for automatic and machine cleaning. SSD Chemical Solution Dubai has specialized laboratories for cleaning black money and deface currencies of Oman Dubai Egypt Brazil Spain Malaysia Iraq United Kingdom USA Tunisia Italy Netherlands and much more. The laboratories are registered and deal in providing services that will satisfy customers quickly and easily. They can clean the defaced notes if they are of 25 years old. The laboratories and the companies have stock of chemicals liquids chemical powders injections to cleanse all harmful bills back to standard currency. When looking for a company consult prices with

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them before the process. Usually the black money cleaning laboratory works on a percentage basis and charges may vary. Some company charges you 15 of the total amount of deface currency for cleaning. They would offer you manual and automatic 3D cleaning machine for the customer throughout the world. Before cleaning the companies carry out test analysis for each of the deface notes. It is to determine if the bills are still in good condition to work well. If some customer who want to clean a massive amount of cleaning these companies would rent and hire machines as per the customer requirement. It is also for that customer who wants to try a DIY process. You can buy SSD Chemical Solution Dubai for cleaning black money and defaced currency from well know agents. Hiring a professional would not only give you peace of mind but they would handle the black money cleaning correctly at an affordable price. Also they will clean stain banknotes with anti-breeze quality. Formulas used for defaced currency SSD chemical solution SSD Supreme Solution SSD Topix Solution SSD Topix Solution SSD Vectrol paste solution SSD Tebi Magnetic solution SSD Universal solution Vectrol Paste SSD Solution

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