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this presentation will help u know abt the history of sony & and at prsent also.


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Masaru Ibuka co-founder of Sony 1908- 1997 Presented by RAHUL MEHROTRA

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Sony history Founded May 1946 Name created by combining “sonus” and “sony” The company entered into consumer electronics market in 1950 with its Tape recoder. 1960 , American branch sonam (sony corporation of America) Leading manufacturer of audio , vedio , communications , and information on technology products .

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Management Sir Howard Stringer – Chairman, Group CEO & Representative Corporate Executive Offocer. Dr. Ryoji Chubachi- President of Sony Corporation, Representative Corporate Executive Officer & CEO of Sony Electronics. Katsumi lhara- Executive Deputy President, CFO, Representative Executive Officer.

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SONY The Stock of the 21 st Century Annual sales it consolidated:$56.6 billion. Why Buy Sony? Brand Name Solid Leadership Known for quality & innovativeness No. Of Product Lines: 14 Product Length: 64

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Consumer Products Television & Projector Home Vedio Home Audio Home TheatreSystem Digital Photography Vedio Camera IT & Computing

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Portable Audio Game Mobile Phone In- Car Entertainment Storage & Recording Media Battery & Charger Accessories XPERIA X2

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Television & Projector LCD: BRAVIA Projector : 2012 Model

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I T & Computing Laptops & Computers: 37 products in different categories. Memory Stick. Flash / Data Media

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Conclusion What makes Sony successful as a business? From my results I can suggest that it will the quality of the products and the satisfaction of the products buyers bought. Sony is a well established high quality electrical goods company and 8 out of 10 people who answered the questionnaire said that with the products they bought were up to there standard and they were at least 7/10 happy with the products. 7 out of 10 buyers said that Sony would be there first choice for electrical goods, this again shows Sony's popularity and the success Sony has achieved .



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