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500MW Stator Bar


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About Company:

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL) is one of the oldest and largest state owned engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in the energy related and infrastructure sector. BHEL was established in the year 1953. It have presence over 70 countries. It includes Power, Railways, Transmission , Distribution, Oil and gas sector and many more. About Company

About Company:

About Company It is one of india’s nine largest Public Sectors Undertakings or PSUs, known as the Navratnas or ‘the nine jewels’. 74% of the total power generated in india is produce by equipment manufactured by BHEL. It is the 12 th largest power equipment manufacture in the world. In the year 2011, it ranked ninth most innovative company in the world by US business magazine Forbes


MANUFACTURING OF PRODUCT First Heavy electrical equipment plant in Bhopal. Heavy electrical equipment plant in Haridwar . Transformer plant in Jhansi. Heavy electrical equipment plant in Hyderabad. Electro-division plant in Banglore . Insulator plant in Jagdishpur . Industrial values plant in Govindwal . Fabrication plant in Rudarpur . Solar cell plant in Gurgaon . Heavy electrical equipment plant in Varanasi. Electrical machine shop in Mumbai.

BHEL Classification:

BHEL Classification

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Conductor drawn from Store. Conductor cutting and end cleaning. Transposition of conductor. Assembly of all conductors to be used in stator bars. Cross over insulation. Consolidation if slot portion of Bar. IS Test (i.e. inter strand test).   Forming of Bar (to shape overhang portion). Pickling of bar ends (1) Mounting of Contact sleeve. Brazing of Contact sleeve .   Pickling of bar ends (2) Block-4 (CIM shop) MANUFACTURING PROCESS OF 500 MW STATOR BAR

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Mounting of water box leak test.   Repacking.   Water flow and N 2 test.   Thermal Shock Application.   Helium Leak Test. Reforming of bar (i.e. overhang portion). Insulation of bar on CNC machine. Impregnation and curing of bar insulation.   Surface finishing of stator bar. OCP on stator Bar. Preparation of bar for HV and Tan δ Test. If O.K. Dispatch to Block-1 for laying in the generator.

Cutting of conductor:

Transposition form of conductor Cutting of conductor

Stack Consolidation:

Stack Consolidation This process is basically done to consolidate the solid as well as the hollow conductors into a single bar. In this process the bar is pressed both vertically and horizontally in the pressing machine. initial temperature of 100-110 0 c. Then the temperature is allowed to rise to the maximum of 160°c. Inter Strand Short Test


Forming Pickling Process To remove unwanted particles on the ends of the bar The constituents of the pickling solution are Sulphuric acid (h2so4)-10% Phosphoric acid (h3po4)-5% Hydrogen peroxide (h2o2)-5% Water (h2o)

Mounting of Contact Sleeve:

Mounting of Contact Sleeve Contact sleeve and water box bottom parts are mounted on both the ends of the bar. Contact sleeve, as clear from the name itself, is a rectangular sleeve which is used to make contact between upper and lower bars Brazing of contact sleeve Brazing is basically the process of fixation of both the contact sleeve and water box bottom part i.e. both are properly consolidated using brazing material at high temperature. Two types:- ( i )Thermal Brazing (ii)Induction Brazing


WATER FLOW TEST Water is passed through one end of the bar and is allowed to flow through the hollow conductors at the other end of the bar. Nitrogen Testing

Thermal Shock Testing :

Thermal Shock Testing Thermal shock test is performed to check whether the bar can withstand extreme conditions. A pressure of 13.3 kg/cm2 is applied. Pressure is measured by mass spectrometer Helium Leakage Testing

Insulation Of Bar:

Insulation Of Bar Insulation is basically done to prevent any kind of short circuit between the bar and the stator core when the bar is assembled in the stator of the machine. The stator bars are insulated with micalastic (trade name) insulation. The bar is provided with 14 layers of insulation. Out of these fourteen layers, 12 layers are provided by using a machine called cnc The rest of the two layers are provided manually.

Impregnation tank:

Impregnation tank Heating temperature 65 to70 cen. Create vacuum at temperature 70 to 75 can Then apply nitrogen gas After 24hr process are complete


TESTING OCP ( Outer Corona Protection) TAN - ∆ TEST H.V TEST Dispatched to Block 1

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