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The most basic things that can help in developing absolute project management software for different organizations Creativity is always a clear part of every business. Let it be in building a website selling a gadget or developing software nothing can sustain without proper creativity. Every team has its own sole ideas and pattern of working that is usually based on their creative factor. Some of the creative points to consider while choosing creative project management software are listed below: a One of the core ideas is giving importance to the constructive thinking and plans of every team member. We know time is a precious element and if the project demands to be completed in a particular time limit it should be done without any lag. But at the same time this does not create a compromise on the quality of the delivery. For example if I say a team member who is having some serious personal issue may reflect that in work too. There is no sense in pressuring him to deliver more as nothing is going to make a change until he decide to do. So when such a situation arise within the team try to be more intensive in others effort at least for one or two days. Instead you proceed in the tough way the end product will be totally worthless. b Another factor is empathy towards the customer’s needs. In the earlier statement we have specified the consideration towards the employees within the team. When it comes to

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developing software firstly the developer should understand the priorities of the customer. Sometimes the requirement of a small organization may not be same as the big ones. So for that the better communication channel should be established above all priorities. If you succeed in that probably 50 of the mission gets completed. c The final but important thing to consider while developing software is proper tool. This particular tool must be used for establishing all needs of the business let it be in developing a software or conducting a marketing campaign. Apart from purchasing the tool you must make sure that every employee in the team gets used with this particular tool. Many times it has been proved that a perfect project management tool can simplify the functions of an organization. May be this cannot address the complete issues but can constantly give support to the team leader as well as the entire team. It simplifies the communication and make sure that everything is listed according to the priority.

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