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LenDenClub is India's leading Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending platform. Borrower can get fast personal loans. Earn higher returns through lending money online


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LenDenclub .com

Introduction :

Introduction A novel P2P lending and borrowing platform in IndiaIt allows individuals to get fast personal loans or become lender to earn higher interest on their investment. The platform helps lenders to multiply their money faster. LenDenClub is one of the pioneer peer to peer (P2P) lending platformsin India, which lists only pre-verified borrowers on the platform. Lenders can browse borrower's profile before offering them any loan. Across the world, peer to peer lending has helped millions of borrowers to get hassle free loans at competitive rates and  higher returns on investments  for lenders.

Lending is an Investment :

Lending is an Investment Your search for better investment instrument ends here as we give you that opportunity by becoming lender at LenDenClub . LenDenClub takes traditional money lending practices online. It's a new investment asset class with moderate risk attached. You can become one of the Individual money lenders / Investors by offering small loan amount of some thousands . https://www.lendenclub.com/Lending /

Benefits of lending :

Benefits of lending FD/8% Return Low Risk  Keeping your money in fixed deposit fetches you low returns along with low risk. Sometimes it also decreases the value of your money due to higher inflation rate. P2P/20% Return Moderate Risk Simple to invest and higher returns on investments makes P2P lending an attractive investment opportunity for experienced as well as new investors. Diversification of investments is a key in P2P Lending. https://www.lendenclub.com/Lending/


Equity/15% Return High Risk  Investing in equity can generate high returns at high risk exposure. It also requires deep understanding of stock market. Not suggestible option for beginner investors. Monthly Cash Flows EMI on investments helps investors maintain monthly cash flow in their bank accounts. Such monthly returns also allows investors to re-invest and compound their earning in very short interval of time. Our easy to use interface helps investors track their investments and earning on real time 

How to lend? :

How to lend? It's very easy to become lender. Take a first step to  online lending by signing up as lender on our platform.  Submit copy of your pan card and address proof as per KYC norms. We will do rest of the work !

View borrowers:

View borrowers You can view a list of verified borrowers and their loan requirements. Go through borrower’s profile details like demographic, personal and professional details. You can even filter the lists as per tenure, credit risk, rate of interest and some parameters. https://www.lendenclub.com/How-to-lend /

Select & commit:

Select & commit Select borrowers of your choice on the basis of fund requirement, tenure & interest rate and commit the amount you wish to invest . https://www.lendenclub.com/How-to-lend /

Invest and relax! :

Invest and relax! Disburse the loan amount online post receipt of loan agreement in your LenDen account. Every month, get EMI credit directly in your bank account. Track your EMI receipt status on our interactive platform https://www.lendenclub.com/How-to-lend /

Who Are Your Borrowers? :

Who Are Your Borrowers ? Thousands of Indians, who are tired of bank's full of hassle process or need fast loans or overlooked by traditional banking and financial institutions, come to LenDenclub for flexible, hassle free & fast personal loans .

Earns Monthly Income :

Earns Monthly Income People with fixed monthly income(reflected in their bank account), who are either salaried individuals or woman entrepreneurs. Their monthly income is verified through digital as well as physical document verification. https://www.lendenclub.com/Who-are-your-borrowers/

People With Good Credit History :

People With Good Credit History More than 80% of the LenDenClub borrowers have got credit history. You will be able to see credit history details of borrowers on their profile page.

People Looking For Short Tenure Loans :

People Looking For Short Tenure Loans Our borrowers are looking for small amount of loan for short tenure. Traditionally, banks give loan for tenure upto 60 months, which is not a case with us. We give short term loans. You can view tenure detail of loans once you login to your lender account . https://www.lendenclub.com/Who-are-your-borrowers /

People Looking For Urgent Loans :

People Looking For Urgent Loans People having urgent financial requirements e.g. hospitalization, debt payment, family function or any other purpose register with us. We avail them with a fast personal loan for a short tenure and ensure they pay back on time . https://www.lendenclub.com/Who-are-your-borrowers /

Thank you. :

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