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New way of playing cards. Tons of GAMES! Tons of FUN! Last forever! A MUST HAVE!



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sounds awesome!

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Like playing card games like poker, rummy, and etc….. Want a deck of cards that will last forever…. Hate it when your cards get all wet and ruined when playing a drinking game… Well saddle up partner there’s a NEW game in town!!

Square Shooters:

Square Shooters A Complete Deck of Cards on Dice!

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Inventor Carmelyn Calvert, left (Inventor of Square Shooters) with best friend Paula Johnson, joins Dennis Phillips (middle) At the 2008 WSOP. 

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Poker Game Rules First determine as a group the amount of ante. Using poker chips, coins, play money, etc. Each player places the agreed upon in the center of the table. Next, determine the first player by each player rolling 1 die, Highest card rolled goes first. Ties are broken by second roll of the die. The first player rolls all nine and holds any dice chosen. He/She may roll 1 to 3 times to select their best poker hand. If the player attains their chosen poker hand in less than three rolls, the following players must attain their hand in an equal number of rolls. The first player then bets or passes. If a bet is placed, the other player must match the bet or fold. All nine die are then passed to the next player. That player must beat the first players hand to stay in that particular round. If he/she is unable to roll a better hand he/she is eliminated. The first player may bet again if he/she wishes. The dice are then passed to the third player. These steps are repeated until only one player retains the highest poker hand. If two players roll an equal hand, a split pot occurs. Jokers are wild and may be used by any player to complete his/her poker hand.

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Winning Poker Hands: Royal Flush Straight Flush 4-of-a-kind Full House Flush Straight 3-of-a-kind 2 pair Pair

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Square Shooters

Why would I want Square Shooters?:

Why would I want Square Shooters? Great way to entertain family and friends with card games Deck of cards for playing drinking games…won’t get ruined when you spill something on them Tons of games to play. Create a game and we’ll put it on our site Last forever Great presents

Helpful Hint:

Helpful Hint You should have 9 dice in all. If you get them mixed in with someone else dice you should have faced up: All 4 aces and all 4 kings with the black joker equaling 9 dice.

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How do I get a set of these!?! Click on “Basic Set” to order your Square Shooters today! PLEASE leave feedback on the website saying you seen them advertised over YouTube!!

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Coming Soon! Deluxe Game

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