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Case presentation: Janice:

Case presentation: Janice Rachel Marie Vasquez Foundation Field Instruction

Federation Of Organizations Wyandanch Mental Health Clinic:

Federation Of Organizations Wyandanch Mental Health Clinic Mental Health Clinic Self Referral

Client History :

Client History Age: 51 Caucasian heterosexual female Accident at 4 years old Cognitive and Physical disabilities Gang Rape at 23 years old Parents Current situation Past treatment locations Diagnosed with Bipolar, Depression, PTSD, GAD

Presenting Problems :

Presenting Problems PTSD Severe Anxiety Cognitive impairments Depressive symptoms Lack of support systems Marijuana use

Modality :

Modality One-on-one psychotherapy 1x per week Health Monitoring 1x per quarter Medication Management 1x per month

Treatment Plan:

Treatment Plan Goals, Objectives, Methods Psychotherapy Medication Management Heath Monitoring

Challenges :

Challenges Anxiety/Panic Attacks Depressive Symptoms The loss of her father Every Day Life Skills Cognitive disabilities Drug Use

Future Action:

Future Action Follow Treatment Plan Quit smoking Meditation/Breathing exercises Finding correct medication Switching from Fed of Org Wyandanch Mental Health to Fed of Org PROS

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