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Writing Data Collection and Analysis Plans:

MLOS 500 B Writing Data Collection and Analysis Plans

The Data Collection Assignment:

The Data Collection Assignment Six parts What is the question you are addressing? Why is it best to use a survey? What are the limitations? How did you generate your questions? Who is the proposed population, What is your sampling frame? What do you expect will be your actual sample? Why is the sample an appropriate representation of the population? Ethical issues How will participants give consent? What are the risks and benefits to participation? How will you protect rights of participants How will you recruit participants Will you send reminders? What instructions will you provide? Any debriefing?

Sample Assignment:

Sample Assignment The questions being asked: What percentage of the sample regularly work more than 40 hours a week? How are overtime hours compensated? Is there a relationship between the number of hours worked and perceptions of work-life conflict? Is there a relationship between compensation for overtime and positive feelings towards one’s job?

Sample Assignment:

Sample Assignment Advantages of using a survey Easy to get responses Questions are closed-ended Likely to get a wide variety of respondents Disadvantages of using a survey People may answer simply because they are interested Questions may not address their particular job issues

Sample Assignment:

Sample Assignment How were questions generated? Questions were taken from the Work-Life survey included in Taking the Measure of Work Questions concerning hours worked and overtime compensation were added Demographic questions were added

Sample Assignment:

Sample Assignment This sample is based on the survey concerning work-life conflict Proposed population— Users of Facebook that are connected through friends networks; students in MLOS classes and connections they may have; students of colleagues at other universities. In other words, the population is not clearly defined, and will become more defined when respondent characteristics are examined.

Sample Assignment, continued:

Sample Assignment, continued Ethical issues Participants will be assumed to have provided consent by continuing to complete the survey. Introduction will indicate that. There are no foreseen risks or benefits to participation. Information requested is low-threat. Participant rights will be protected by reporting data in aggregate format only.

Sample Assignment, continued:

Sample Assignment, continued Participants will be recruited through Facebook, MLOS classes, and network of colleagues No reminders will be sent. Instructions on the landing page: The purpose of this survey is to examine the way in which people balance their work and personal lives. It is being conducted by Ruth Anna Abigail. She can be reached at [email protected] This survey should take 10 minutes to complete. Your answers are confidential and cannot be linked to you in any way. If you decide not to complete the survey, you may exit it any time by selecting the "Exit Survey" button in the top right of your screen. Completing the survey and submitting your results indicates your consent to participate in the research. No debriefing will be provided, although when results are analyzed, they will be sent to groups originally recruited.

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