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Writing the Survey Report:

Writing the Survey Report MLOS 500C

Requirements of the Report:

Requirements of the Report APA format Maximum of 20 pages Use at least 10 academic resources (e.g., journals) in writing the literature review Write in an accessible style and avoid the use of jargon.

Overview of the report:

Overview of the report Introduction Literature Review Methods Results Conclusions

Writing the Introduction:

Writing the Introduction Gives the reader an idea of what will be studied Gives the reader an idea of why it is important


Suggestions Arouse interest through quote or example that sets stage Keep citations to a minimum in this section

Purpose of Literature Review:

Purpose of Literature Review To define and clarify the topic To summarize previous research (informs both the reader and research of current state of investigations on the topic) To put your study in the context of other studies on that topic To show a need for your study in the context of your own organization To explain the basis for your own research strategy

Value of Literature Review :

Value of Literature Review To help the researcher refine and clarify the problem To acquaint the researcher with terminology of the topic To provide diverse perspectives into the important issues and trends of a topic To collect information on tested data collection instruments and methodologies To identify the appropriate place to publish important findings

Conducting a Review :

Conducting a Review The most important part of the literature review is your problem definition. Survey many articles; “keep” those that have a direct bearing on your topic Keep a journal as you read the articles. Capture your thoughts about how each article pertains to your study, how one article relates to others, and how readings exemplify trends and patterns you are uncovering and/or how it impacts your hypothesis .

Writing the Methods Section:

Writing the Methods Section Discuss development of survey Includes sampling approach

Writing the Results Section:

Writing the Results Section Include respondent information Provide frequency tables for all data Demonstrate how you answered your research question

Writing the Conclusion:

Writing the Conclusion Designed to recap Answer the question “so what”

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